Studio Diary #3: Fritz Montana Take You Inside Panda Studios

“Yo, Fritz Montana checking back in. Take a look at some clips of us here at The Panda Studios in Fremont, CA as we record our new EP. Stay tuned for a more in depth studio update that is being produced by our friend Brian Delumpa from Brian Delumpa Imagery (”

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About Fritz Montana:

Fritz Montana is a San Francisco based blues/indie rock trio formed in early 2013.

Their story begins amidst the backdrop of the late 90′s- boy bands were in control, Clinton was romping in the White House, and Leonardo DiCaprio was slipping into the abyss of the Atlantic Ocean.
With a pocketful of ambition and a long road to puberty, three young men took it upon themselves to dedicate their lives to the betterment of American Music. Unbeknownst to these young men, they would later meet, drink some beer, and write songs that would influence the course of history and change the face of rock music forever.

Makin’ waves and takin’ names, Fritz Montana exists to disrupt the status quo, challenge authority, and make some damn fine music. Get to know the guys:

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