Tour Diary #1 – Sundressed On The “Let’s Try This Again” Tour

Sundressed embark on their “Let’s Try This Again” Tour tomorrow, and we’re proud to announce we’ve partnered with the band to host a tour diary as they progress through their travels. Stay tuned for more, and be sure to check them out if they’re coming to a city near you (tour dates below).

From Trevor Hedges (vocals):

It seems as though every time a tour approaches, no matter how prepared I am, I am always scrambling last minute to get ready. The summer months in Arizona are trying on everyone, and this summer has been no exception. With all the obstacles we faced after having to get all new gear and merchandise, we all knew that finally hitting the road again would be worth it, so we decided to come back with the longest tour we have ever done.

We could’t be more excited to be headed east 14 hours to meet up with Daisyhead and Secret Stuff to show them the west coast for the first time! While we will be dealing with all different types of heat on this tour, the first few weeks will be in the beautiful northwest.

We just played with Perspective, A lovely hand to hold here in Phoenix, who were great! So we have decided to leave a day early and hang out at their show in Albuquerque before we get to Oklahoma the next day to start our tour. All of us have left our jobs for this tour and we couldn’t be more excited/ terrified of what the next 6 weeks are going to look like.

Sundressed Tour 2016

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