10 Metal Artists To Follow On Instagram

The internet age has not only allowed fans to discover and share art amongst themselves, but has also allowed them to connect with the artist they love. It is thanks to social media that people actually find out these metal gods and goddesses actually live like us! Of all the social media out there, Instagram is one of the prime ways to see what these famous metal heads are doing. It’s one thing to see what they’re thinking or saying in a post, but to get an actual visual glimpse of their world? Hell yeah!

Here are ten metal artists to follow on Instagram…

Devin Townsend (@dvntownsend)

This prog legend lives one hell of a wacky life and will easily turn any frown upside down. Whether it is Devin in the studio, Devin at home, or Devin on an adventure, just like his music there are the many Devin’s to be found on Instagram.

Mallika Sundaramurthy (@abnormality.band)

Mallika is a metal head’s metal head. Running the Abnormality Instagram page, there are bits of tour life, studio activity, and the good fun the band has on the road. With plenty of pictures between live acts and hanging out with fans, it’s great to see a band share their closeness with the audience.

For the Horde! #cannibalcorpse #corpsegrinder #abnormalityband #metalbladerecords #gutturalvocals #wow #doyouevendeathmetalbro

A photo posted by Mallika Sundaramurthy (@abnormality.band) on

Jill Janus (@jjhuntress)

You can always count on this witch to bring the party! Her pictures are always hilarious, and she is never shy to share her personal thoughts and feelings amongst her fans. It is all the stories to be found with each photo that make her collection so worthwhile to check out.

Jesse Leach (@jesse_d_leach)

The Killswitch Engage front-man has a strong online presence. Always sharing photos of his favorite bands, favorite drinks, stunning nature shots, and personal life, Leach is never shy to turn the camera away (but always looking for where to point it).

James Hetfield (@papa_het_)

This is the ultimate dad account. Not only can folks catch Hetfield jamming it out with Metallica, but there’s many chances to see what his life is like at home with his family (and spoiler alert: it’s adorable).

Pølse feast! #mff #roskildeKickedAss #hadAblast

A photo posted by Papa Het 👊💀👊 (@papa_het_) on

Dez Fafara (@dezfafara)

Perhaps one of the most positive folks to be found on the internet (and more than likely in person). Dez Fafara shares a lot of DevilDriver pictures, but also is known for sharing powerful quotes and messages where one can find positive energy.

DevilDriver announcements forthcoming ! #DevilDriver #TheCaliforniaGrooveMachine #CaliforniaBand

A photo posted by dezfafara (@dezfafara) on

Randy Blythe (@drandallblythe)

If Randy Blythe for whatever reason decided to leave Lamb of God, he should become a full-time photographer. Not only are the messages tied to each post passionate, but his photography is stunning; constantly catching the atmosphere and emotion found in the subject.

11.06.2016 “Unconscious Grace” Shibuya, Tokyo, Japan. The great French master Henri Cartier-Bresson (if you’re into street photography/photo journalism & don’t know who he is, look him up- his work is incredible & the main reason I first became interested in shooting with a Leica M) often spoke of photography as the act of capturing the “decisive moment.” This is why I love street photography so much- there’s that moment that you are always looking for, something that makes you focus & press the shutter button, & you never know what that moment will be until it arises. Then you have just a split-second to capture it- if you miss it, it’ll never be there again, & the picture is lost. When you capture that decisive moment, it’s 100% HONEST, & it’s 100% REAL, & it can show the beauty of a subject in a way that posed photographs can never hope to achieve. Maybe that’s one reason I will straight up point & laugh out loud at these people out on the street trying to take these idiotic selfies in public, standing on a corner & pouting seductively at a freaking cellphone like they are some sort of Vogue or GQ model, searching for the right angle to hide whatever blemishes they have that make them human, then quickly reviewing & scowling when it doesn’t come out right, then instantly putting on that fake smile again & staring w/that vacuous grin into the cellphone- I wonder if these people know just how fucking moronic they look, twisting their faces up like spastic wanna-be Barbies & Kens caught in a negative feedback loop of trying to convince a freaking cellphone to sleep with them. Ugh. There is no decisive moment, & there is no unconscious grace- it’s not real at all. This girl reaching up to touch her hair as she looks down the street- that’s real, & it’s a gesture that could signify many things. There are stories to be interpreted here- where is she headed? Is she turning around- if so, why? What’s on her mind? There’s a slight smile on her face- what is it about? You tell me… #leica #leicacamera #leicacamerausa #leicam #leicamp #leicamp240 #summilux #summilux35mm #leicacraft #madeinwetzlar #🔴📷 #MyLeicaJourney #mkexplore #ratseyesphotography

A photo posted by D. Randall Blythe (@drandallblythe) on

Nergal (@nergal69)

There’s a whole lot going on here when it comes to Nergal’s photos. Whether it is talking about the devil, performing with Behemoth, or simply living, Nergal’s Instagram account shares a lot about the man’s life that many might have never guesses.

Andrew WK (@andrewwk)

That heartwarming and loving energy that Andrew WK shares with his fans in public also comes through strongly in his photos. Funny videos and positive pictures make up the collection to be found with constant partying.

Rob Zombie (@robzombieofficial)

What makes Rob Zombie’s Instagram so fun isn’t just the photos behind the scenes of the music and the films, but what goes on in the life of the Zombies (since Sheri makes quite a few appearances). There’s also many spooky treats to be found for all you Halloween fans.

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