Ten Metal Records To Look Forward To In 2017

After one hell of a great year in music, we have even more greatness coming in 2017! Here are ten metal records we are looking forward to (and some we hope to see) in the coming year.

Sepultura – Machine Messiah

This release from the thrash-hardcore giants will be coming out right at the start of the new year. It has been four years since the Mediator record, and Machine Messiah will surely live up to the band’s legacy. The good news though is that while our review will be up shortly, after listening to the record 10+ times, it is easily going to be one of the year’s best. Make sure you catch them on their upcoming tour with Prong and Testament!

Mastodon – [In progress]

If we know Mastodon like we do, then this record is going to be incredible. At this time there is not much known about what it’ll entail, other than the band members recently discussing the themes revolving around cancer. Doesn’t sound like it will be a double album like rumors suggested early on, but hell we’ll take anything as long as it comes from Mastodon.

Cradle of Filth – [In progress]

Hammer of the Witches was a breath of fresh air for the band after Manticore. Dani Filth just released the latest Devilment record, and after some touring we can hope that this album will be out soon. Cradle of Filth typically finds the right themes for each release, so expect more gothic and monster delights to come creeping around more than likely later on in 2017.

Behemoth – [In progress]

Speaking of all out darkness and horror, whatever comes from Behemoth has A LOT to live up to after The Satanist. Easily one of the most superb records of the past decade, The Satanist is the embodiment of blackened-death metal speed, horror, and philosophical intensity. Not much is known about this either, but if we know Nergal and the gang, this is sure as hell going to be one of the year’s most promising releases.

Suicide Silence – [In progress]

The second record from deathcore giants Suicide Silence to feature Eddie Hermida (also of All Shall Perish). Hermida had much to live up to filling the shoes of the recent Mitch Lucker, who tragically passed away in 2011. You Can’t Stop Me proved to be a unique mix of Hermida’s vocals and Suicide Silence instrumentals. Time has passed since and chemistry within the band is sure to have gotten stronger. For the deathcore purist, this is surely to be one of the most anticipated records for the core legions.

Arch Enemy – [In progress]

While Alissa White-Gluz is planning her own solo record for this year, Arch Enemy intends on dropping a record as well. This was another band where vocalist changed, and that change paid off enormously. Filling in for Angela Gossow, Alissa tore it up with the band on War Eternal with powerful hooks, ferocity, and inspiring lyrics. Whatever the band releases this year will be greatly welcomed as fans know they can expect the best from these metal heads.

Goatwhore – [In progress]

You can always expect something pissed off and rage-fueled from Goatwhore. Constricting Rage of the Merciless was one of the best albums of 2014 in all its blackened-thrash glory. These dudes don’t ever deliver polite (since we all know about “FBS”). We can all expect another rip-shit, anger inducing record from some of the dark one’s personal favorites.

Tool – [Who the Hell knows?]

Of course this record is going to be here. After years and years of numerous updates, long months of silence, just to come back to more rumors… we think 2017 may finally be the year we see Tool in action. Oddly enough we know that James Maynard Keenan is going on tour soon with A Perfect Circle, so maybe we’ll get new Tool by the end of 2017.

Wintersun – [Still waiting…]

Speaking of still waiting, fans have desperately been seeking more from this folk-power metal outfit. Wintersun is a special sort of act that delivers epic solos and drumming withViking approved vocals. Will we get a Time II? Will we get anything in “time” for 2017? Let’s hope to Odin and the gods it is so!

The Faceless – [For the love of all that’s unholy we need it!]

And while we are still in that dark waiting room of incredible bands: The Faceless. Autotheism was one of the best records in 2012… 2012! We’ve waited long enough for these death-technical experts, and in four years we’ve only gotten one song! All we have at this time to work off of is a rumored title “In Becoming a Ghost”, and the recruitment of Abigail Williams vocalist Ken Sorceron to take on lead vocals. Maybe at this point Michael Keene has spent enough time working on the record, and this year we’ll finally get some much needed music.

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