The Beat Goes On: 10 Years of Sound and Fury

Words and Photos by Joe Calixto

For 10 years, Sound and Fury have gathered people from all across the world to sunny Southern California for a weekend of the heaviest, fastest, loudest music the hardcore, punk and even metal scenes have to offer.

Every summer since 2006 (excluding the 3 years it went on time out) the people behind Sound and Fury gave us, the so-called, outcasts, freaks, weirdos, punks, all the hardcore kids, a venue to be who we really are and enjoy a common ground and a safe space. Even if it’s just for a weekend.

In celebration of 10 years of Sound and Fury, we’re happy to feature Fury on the retail cover of New Noise Magazine issue #47. You can grab a copy by clicking the link below, as well as pick up a copy at this year’s Sound and Fury.


(Cold World / Joe Calixto)

Sound and Fury didn’t only showcase music. It showcased creativity in different shapes and form. From the thousands of photographs that documented the fest through the years, to the many videos that have surfaced on the internet, to the bootleg live audio recordings, S&F weekend was also a hub for the creatives in the hardcore world.

From army hats, varsity print shirts, cargo shorts, and Saucony sneakers, to oversized band tees, cuffed chinos, double folded beanies and over the shoulder fanny packs (oh, and every single Jordan and Air Max shoe), the festival is also a time capsule of the fashion in hardcore through the years (who are we kidding, this scene has to be one of the trendiest around).

(Dare / Joe Calixto)
(The First Step / Robby Redcheeks)

You can be attending the fest since it began or a total newbie, Sound and Fury will always have room for everyone. Here are some things people had to say about the fest throughout the years.

2006 :

Furn Zavala (Unfun Zine)

“2006 was an interesting but vibrant time for punk/hardcore, especially in California. locally speaking, Southern California was bursting with new bands & shows in well-established venues but also at random gigs in the Valley, Inland Empire, San Diego, Orange County, Oxnard/Ventura, etc. It seemed more & more was happening but not limited to just bands but also labels, zines, live band photography, DIY shows, etc. It just seemed that a 3-day event stacked with a lineup top to bottom with a shit ton of touring bands & local acts was meant to be because it felt necessary. From the moment the lineup dropped and the months leading up, I can’t even describe the excitement that seemed to have taken over people & not just your typical ‘hardcore kid” but you had punk, crust, hardcore, youth crew, etc. kids all stoked. I know, people like to over dramatize & build up the past than it really was but without no exaggeration that first year was perfect because I feel it planted the seeds of what DIY can be, within a festival setting on a rather large scale. IMO, the fest itself has grown, moved and become what it is today but still has the roots of that first year intact. The Kids Will Have Their Say and Sound & Fury 2006 was proof of that.”

(Pressvre / Furn Zavala)
(Look Back and Laugh / Furn Zavala)

(I included Pressvre because they were the first band to play on the first day and the first photo I took. Tim Bvtcher forever)

Sean Riley (Sound and Fury):

“What was my favorite part of Sound and Fury 2006? It’s that bands took a chance. It’s not easy to drive across the country making a few hundred bucks a night, and that 700 people trusted us enough to travel from all over to Ventura”


Robby Redcheeks (Photographer):

“Posi Numbers was a fest that helped shape modern hardcore. It occurred during a time when “traditional” hardcore was experiencing a strong revival and was fortunate to have Bobb Macc, a skilled promoter from Wilkes-Barre PA, at the helm. Through his efforts, Bobb single-handedly put Wilkes-Barre on the map for hardcore, and Posi Numbers was a major part of that.”

“I didn’t go to the first Sound And Fury in 2006, but friends that went told me about how perfect it was. Bob, Todd, and Riley made a huge footprint in our society within the space of one weekend in California. I went to This Is Hardcore on the east coast that year and told my friends from the west coast that couldn’t make it the same thing about Joe Hardcore’s fest here in Philadelphia. These parallel fests that resulted from the end of Posi Numbers continued to succeed where Bobb Macc left off. It ushered in a new beginning for everyone involved with our society.”

(Excerpts from his unreleased book that covers S&F 2007)

(Cold World / Robby Redcheeks)
(Have Heart / Robby Redcheeks)

Heejin Kim (Las Vegas, NV):

“I was seventeen years old and had just graduated high school, I grew up on the central coast of California where the music scene was generally small (but very passionate), and mostly white people. I think at that time shit like metal-core was more popular, so it was a light in the tunnel to come across Sound & Fury Fest. A few friends and I found out about it through band’s MySpace pages (yeah, MySpace, let me also mention that the year was 2007) like Shook Ones, Violation, Go It Alone, and Have Heart; we packed our friends mom’s car and drove the 101 South for two hours to get there. It’s kind of difficult to share exactly what my first S&F experience did.

As corny as it sounds it just fed the fire in me, I felt comfortable, and I recall crying at one point because I felt really happy. Happy to be amongst so many people from different walks of life. And to see so many WOMEN was absolutely insane to me at that time. Being an Asian girl from a small town and getting to witness all of this was incredibly cathartic.

At that time the fest was being held at The Alpine in Ventura, with sketchy flooring upstairs, where I felt like I was going to fall through, and  the perfect sized room below. I remember that it would get SO packed that at some points they’d do a ‘one out, one in’ rule at the door. My first year will always be my favorite, I made a lot of new friends who became like big brothers and sisters to me. They put me on to a lot of bands I had never heard of before  which would always be euphoric, because finding music now isn’t like how it was then. I’ve attended every single year that the fest has existed afterwards. I know Riley and Martín know this fest is, and will always be, important to me because I bug ‘em with my gratitude often enough. The fest now is unike anything else I’ve ever experienced from others. The staff and crew go above and beyond, they’re receptive to new ideas and what they can do to make it better for us. It’s been twelve years, and I will always set that summer weekend aside. Sound & Fury and California forever, IMO.”


Pat Flynn (Have Heart / Fiddlehead):

“After headlining the Friday night, we all collectively realized no one booked a hotel and our only place to crash wasn’t answering their phone. Stranded in the parking lot, we waited for a couple of hours until a hotel was booked 2 hours away or something stupid like that. A couple of kids laughed at us while we were stranded in the parking lot.

The headlining status was amazing!”

Mariedet Leano (Photographer / Videographer): 

“Every year since 2006, Sound And Fury was pretty much the only thing I looked forward to every summer. Seeing your favorite bands play all in one weekend and meeting up with your friends all around the world from  Canada to Australia to Brazil was the icing on the cake. 2008 was a change of a new bigger venue, from the Alpine Theatre to the Earl Warren Fairgrounds and that year had an amazing line up from Have Heart, Guns Up!, Ceremony, Blacklisted, Sinking Ships, Trapped Under Ice, War Hungry and more. Just seeing the crowd from the stage was incredible, the dances, energy, sing-alongs, passion and even tears on people’s faces seeing a band that they love and appreciate so much are one of the reasons why I still go to shows today. I found myself dumbfounded during these bands sets even emotional at times it’s a crazy feeling and I love every minute of it. These types of festivals like Sound And Fury make me feel that type of way and I thank them for that. IMO.”

(Soul Control / Furn Zavala)
(Have Heart / Maridet Leano)

Manny Mares (Photographer):

“2008 was such an important year looking back on it. This was the new venue for the fest and you could tell how HUGE the fest was going to be when everyone showed up. Earl Showgrounds was gigantic, not far from the beach, and had grass and shade which made it super comfortable. It was a great move to bring it back there in 2010.

It was cool to see someone like TUI get such a good reaction on just a demo plus that whole new crop of bands who became so huge in the next couple of years 
Sinking Ships played its final show, someone rode a skateboard off the stage during Underdog, the insanity of Cold World/ Blacklisted/ Ceremony playing, and so much much more. This was also the last time Have Heart played the fest so it’ll be fun to relive those memories 11 years later. “

Martin Stewart (Terror, LION Crew, Sound and Fury):

“It’s a little hard for me to recall details of all the different years because they kinda just blur together at this point but I remember playing two different sets this year (LION CREW / Terror) and having a blast during both. This was definitely the first year in Santa Barbara & I remember being blown away at how much the festival had grown from that first couple of years in Ventura at the Alpine. Although I’m happier with the current situation of the festival being in actual Los Angeles. There is something I miss about the vibe of being way up in Ventura County, so close to the beach & having that feeling that even though I was so close to home that I was on some sort of exotic vacation for the weekend.”

Frankie Rendon (Victorville,CA):

“That was my first festival experience in life and it was amazing. It was my first time being out in the real world as an adult. Sound and Fury honestly changed my life, I can say that. I didn’t know much about hardcore beside the classics. This new kung fu hardcore wasn’t my style but it grew on me fast.”


Tyler Ross (Photographer):

“Sound and Fury 2009 was wildly fantastic and had one of the strongest lineups in my opinion. It was located in Oxnard, CA at this old skate rink called the El Rodeo Community Center. My first year photographing it, but third year attending. I pitched an idea to my editor & chief and set out to write a story and photo document the fest for Vapors Magazine (rip). I loved every minute of it; because most of my favorite Hardcore bands played, met some life long friends that year, felt like a true journalist on assignment, had so much fun getting lost in the awesomeness of all the great band sets and just overall felt very welcomed, especially by Sean, Bob and Todd (the Trifecta of S&F in those days) as we sat in their office chatting away. Those days will never be a blur to me. The best of the best!”

(Lewd Acts / Tyler Ross)
(Get The Most / Tyler Ross)


Dan Rawe (Photographer):

“My first S&F. It was my first year that I was able to go. Didn’t know what to expect. Already heard great things about the prior ones. The fairgrounds were huge. The first thing the I remember about this was it’s the year I met Dan (Futurebreed). Such a cool guy. I love hearing his stories of the east coast shows.    Sick of it All and Strife are two of my favorite bands and I always love shooting them. But what really stood out was Rotting Out. Mike was playing his last show…   it was emotional. Give was one of the newer bands I never heard of but once I saw them I was hooked. Why did I pick War Hungry? They Rule!!!”

(Rotting Out / Dan Rawe)

Dan Gonyea (

“The most exhausting year in the history of Future Breed. I shot 154 shows, 1033 bands. Sound and Fury was famously capped by a motorcycle in the pit and security pepper spraying the crowd. Punk Island in NY brought the mayhem of Bad Luck 13 flipping over cop golf carts to seeing Negative Approach tear up the middle of a courtyard. It was the end of Hammer Bros and Therefore I Am and the reunions of The Trouble, Piebald, and Frogball (one of the most consistently fun basement bands I ever saw). I’m tired just thinking about 2010.”


Scott Mendoza  (The Tracksuit Guy):

“It’s hard to think about where to start when talking about sound and fury 2010. The lineup, insane. The chill atmosphere of the earl warren fairgrounds, sick. Insane sets from every up and coming band including Ruckus, Product of Waste, Creatures, Alpha and Omega and Bitter End!? Crazy. The passing of the torch from Mike to Walter during the Rotting Out set!? Historic. A motorcycle being driven through a backtrack set due to a bet, causing a riot/shutdown of a fest that then resulted in a badass backyard show with foundation, tigers jaw and Bracewar!? One for the most memorable moments of my life. Sound and Fury will be one of the most memorable weekends in hardcore history and my life.”

Walter Delgado (Rotting Out, DRK BLU):

“That was the first show I did vocals for Rotting Out and we covered ‘bRO Hymn’ by Pennywise as a send-off to Mike. The end of Mike’s era and the beginning of what Rotting Out should’ve been. haha”


Matt Gill (Photographer):

“Sound and Fury 2011 will always have a special place in my heart for being the best hardcore festival I’ve ever attended. Not only was this the first “big” music festival I ever shot photos at, it was the first time I ever shot photos of southern California hardcore bands in their home turf. The thought of driving hundreds of miles to shoot photos of a scene where I didn’t know a single person terrified me, but to my surprise I was actually welcomed and thanked for taking the time to document the numerous bands who played on these two stages at earl warren fairgrounds.

  Being a part of this festival not only got me out of my shell, but it also opened up my eyes to how unified the hardcore scene really is. I discovered new bands, made new friends, learned how to shoot photos better, and even made new photographer friends who I still have to this day. I feel truly honored to have experienced this festival when I did. If there was a way I could go back in time and relive this weekend, I would in a heartbeat”

(Rotting Out / Matt Gill)

Aldo Felix (Section H8, DRKBLU, Sleepwalkers):

“S&f 2011 was special to me because That was the first year I played. I started going to sound and fury since 2006 and at that time I didn’t even play an instrument so to be part of something just a few years later definitely felt unreal. Also, down to nothing played my all-time favorite sound and fury set that year.”

Melanie Voltz (Melotov Records):

“I have been attending Sound & Fury since 2008 and each year has been a blast, but what I loved most about 2011’s S&F was the diversity of the line up. It was the first time that I saw Deafheaven–ever–and because I had a table for Melotov that weekend, I was able to watch from the side stage, up close and personal. It blew my mind to witness such an intense band and to see how mesmerized, confused, and shocked the crowd was by them. I remember loving the bold move S&F took by putting them on the line up. It was also the second year I had a table for that weekend, so 2011 is where I solidified friendships I had made the previous year, and made even more friends that I’m still close with today. Sound and Fury forever. “


Amy Nelson (Photographer):

“2012 was one of the first years I ever shot sound and fury. I got to witness Minority Unit play their final set aka “the final mosh” and saw Earth Crisis and Ceremony for the first time which are bands I absolutely love. I remember in Santa Barbara there is a burrito spot called Freebirds where everyone would go after. I’d go there and somehow survived the weekend on Little Caesars $5 pizzas as well as studying for finals in between each set.   The cool thing about this fest is that many people become exposed to bands outside their comfort zone and probably wouldn’t have discovered many of the artists they appreciate. I had no clue that Sound and Fury was such a big festival until I attended, people fly from all over to attend. I’ve made so many friends, some have become my best friends and I feel so lucky each year to attend. This years lineup and the after-shows are absolutely incredible and I cannot wait. Photographing the excitement, energy and chaos of the hardcore and punk scene is something incomparable especially during this weekend. “

(Bane / Amy Nelson)

Jamie Moore (Photographer):

“2012 Sound & Fury will by far be the year of any fest that will always be etched into my brain. Everything about that year of S&F will always put a smile on my face. A. because of the insane lineup and B. because of all of the friends I made from that year alone who I still catch up with to this day.

Anyone who was there that year will easily tell you Minority Unit was the best set of the weekend, and if they say different either they weren’t there or they don’t know what they are talking about. The youtube video of that set really doesn’t do those 20 minutes justice. All hell broke loose on that stage and watching it unfold was the reason why I fell in love with hardcore, to begin with. I really didn’t care about what happened to my camera as soon as they started and I didn’t look at a single picture I had taken that entire set. I was too busy tossing my body off the stage like a wet noodle and stomping across the stage like a dolt. Point being, I feel sorry anyone who never got to see that set. The rest of the weekend was an insane line up: H2O, Touche Amore (feel free to try and find Jeremy in the crowd shot. It took me awhile when I first saw it), Mountain Man (easily second favorite set of the weekend), Donnybrook, Rival Mob, Seahaven, Dead End Path, Xerxes, and fucking BANE… get the point. That year was stacked. “

(Minority Unit / Jamie Moore)
(Touche Amore / Jamie Moore)

Nick Tronckoe (Ghent, Belgium):

“As I’m from Europe, it was my first time in the USA. I had wanted to go to S&F for years and it finally happened. I still remember walking in the first day when ‘Basement’ was playing. Still one of the best weekends of my life!”

Kevin Silva (Hey Kevin!):

“A summertime getaway to Santa Barbara to see some of my favorite people and favorite bands play. That’s what we looked forward to every year for Sound and Fury. 2012 was no different. A Freebirds quesarrito flowing through my veins and Hour of the Wolf and Comeback Kid ripping my face off in front of me, smashing back onto my stupid head and ripping it off again. My heart and stomach were full. “


Kiabad Meza (Photographer, Modern Vision Zine):

“Truly a prominent event of my life, for the first time I was experiencing a big-league hardcore festival that I didn’t have to travel out the state for. It felt like home and a true family gathering. Since 2016, Sound & Fury has influenced me creatively and socially to become the best I can be. An everlasting imprint.”

(Freedom / Kiabad Meza)

Jonathan Turner (Photographer, Shipwreck Barbershop): 

“After 4 years away, sound & fury returned to what now was a completely different era to what they left hardcore in. New faces and a lot of new bands. But, what kept the spirit alive was having the original core of the festival founders at the wheel again. Between having classic bands like Ceremony & Guns Up! With both incredibly legendary sets that will be remembered as possibly the best of the festival since it’s inception. The youth of bands like Fury & Jesus Piece is what truly keeps the festival going. For me, I cannot imagine a summer without sound & fury. I have been in attendance almost since its inception, only missing the first year. I am honored to say I am from California, where the best hardcore festival in the entire solar system takes place every June.”

(Guns Up! / Jonathan Turner)

Chuy Hartman (Illustrator): 

“Sound and Fury 2016 was the first time I was able to go wherever just to draw. I had been drawing bands for about a year at that time and had gone to every Sound and Fury since 2009. So being able to be on/side stage while some of my favorite bands played my favorite fest was surreal. That year I felt so encouraged to do the best I could to document everything in front of me. I ended up with 32 drawings of the fest that year and look forward to drawing this year.”

(Ceremony / Chuy Hartman)

Aaron Heard (Jesus Piece, Nothing): 

“S&F weekend is definitely one of the best. No better feeling of community! The band selection was on point!  “


Angel Garcia (DARE):

“Sound and Fury 2017 changed my life”

Danielle Parsons (Photographer, To The Front DIY):

“This was my first year shooting Sound and Fury and it was incredible. From the lineup, to the venue, and everything in between. I had a fucking blast!”

(Incendiary / Danielle Parsons)
(Harley Flanagan / Danielle Parsons)

Jessa Johnson (Calgary, Canada):

“Being Canadian it’s one of the biggest weekends of the year for those of us who come down. One thing I always have mad respect for is the diverse line up they strive for. 2017 was especially memorable as I think back to screaming lyrics along with my friends to bands like TUI and Turnover (I wasn’t crying you were!!!!) as the crowd blends in with the groups of creatives and friends on the sides of the stage creating insane energy in The Regent. Thinking back to Vein’s set and reflecting on how insane their come up has been since then is super cool as well. I always say that this fest feels like summer camp, I get the same excitement every year I did as a kid to go away for a week, you kind of know what to expect but there are always new faces among the familiar and it’s always better than the last and a surprise around every corner. On that note honorary mention to Closed Casket Activities for that surprise NAILS set at the 2017 CCA Aftershow. IMO”


Jesse Avalos (Ultimo Skateboarding):

“Chaos, intensity, non-stop fun. It was technically my first sound and fury and it didn’t fall short of being one of the best weekends of my life. So many great bands, so many friends, just an overwhelming feeling of happiness filled the room.”

Kat Nijmeddin (Pure Noise Records, To The Front DIY):

“When I lived in Fresno, I never came down to LA for shows, and the weekend of S&F ’17 was the days I moved to LA so I couldn’t go. So Sound and Fury 2018 was my first and it was great being able to see a lot of hardcore bands that I liked for the first time in one place. Also, it’s the only time I’ve ever handed my camera off to someone I’ve never met just so I could head walk to Cold World”

(Dead Heat / Joe Calixto)
(Ceremony / Joe Calixto)

Joe Calixto (Photographer, New Noise Magazine):

“I felt like a kid on his first day at a new school. Sound and Fury had a new home and it was huge. I was so nervous coz I’ve never shot at the Belasco before and I really didn’t wanna suck. Also, I don’t know if a lot of people knew it but it was the 10th year of the festival and S&F curated one of the best lineups, ever. The return of Rotting Out, War Hungry, Cold World, they even had non-hardcore bands I absolutely love, Teenage Wrist and Oso Oso. At one point, that weekend, I really thought Riley and Martin made this lineup for me. lol

I consider Sound and Fury weekend one of the most important weekends of my year and 2018 was no exception. From the crazy amounts of friends from all over the world, to the new people that I met, all my photo peers killing it, not to mention all that Yerba I drank that weekend and the all the memories I get to cherish for the rest of my life. Sound and Fury Forever! California hardcore forever!”

(Teenage Wrist / Joe Calixto)
Fury / Joe Calixto

So in 2019, Sound and Fury will be bringing one of their most diverse lineups to date between the fest proper and the after shows. Also, the fest is collaborating with To The Front DIY to bring TTF back to Los Angeles. Hopefully, there’s gonna be a Yerba Mate booth again this year. With that being said, It’s gonna be a wild, wild year, IMO!

Thank you Sound and Fury for always being the best weekend, Thank you to the people who travel distances to make this shit pop and THANK YOU NEW NOISE MAGAZINE for giving me to the best goddamn assignment year after year!


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