The Gathering 2018: A Music Promotion Mini Festival

As someone who has not worked with a lot of music radio or promo, The Gathering seemed like a party in a hand basket. And it was that and everything more. Louisville, Kentucky hosted the event and did an excellent job of showcasing the best parts of the city; including a ton of distillery tours and taking this group of music industry people to incredible places. I have said it many times, but being in the V.I.P. stakes room of Churchill Downs (yes, where the Kentucky Derby is held) watching a music showcase was one of the coolest experiences ever. I interviewed Meg Myers there, which was an experience to say the least.

Here’s the briefing. Around 200-300 (different people were in and out) were brought to Louisville to watch and listen to up and coming bands for three days. With the hotel room paid for, the air fare knocked out and being shuttled to different spots of the whiskey trail, it’s heaven, right? Pretty much. The people there are attuned with a great sense of knowledge of their own fields; from music supervising, radio, management and the few journalists there and that really helped create a friendly environment for a setup like this. Everyone had an interesting sight into the industry, friends were made and music was discovered.

The venues for each showcase were extremely creative and wonderfully set up. Churchill Downs, a rock cavern, Jeptha Creed Distillery, Bardstown Distillery, Mercury Ballroom and the Brown Hotel private room had wonderful sound, great lights and each band performed their heart out.

Having never seen this side of the industry, it was extremely eye opening. Amplify Entertainment Group made sure to have a wonderful showcase of bands looking to hit the radio air waves, performing short sets with downright infectious tracks. American Authors, Caroline Rose, Meg Myers,Silent Revival,  Naked Giants, Kitten, Mansionair & Grandson stood out to me, and now I am an individual who can track these bands and see the effort they put into performing at this showcase. Did I mention that Metric was the headlining event? Their performance was mezmerizing, rolling through their old singles in which everybody remembers to showcasing new music on the way, the band hit every note wonderfully.

Thanks to Tracy Brown for putting this together, because this really is a great way to bring alternative radio minds together and see how the promotion side of the music industry works. Thank you to Amanda Blide rom LaFamos for the invite, because I truly believe this event needs more press. Thanks to all the bands who performed, even in an underground rock cavern, for being present and showcasing their sound. Collectively this event is something everyone should be looking forward to, and I am beyond excited to see what 2019 brings! The Gathering is an event that brings to light the effort and belief people have in the music industry, keeping bands in the spotlight by providing a space for people to do what is needed the most, listen.

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