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Arch Of Love
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 
Reintroduction Single Series | Out Now | 6131 Records 
RIYL: Love. Androids Dreaming. Peaches and Herb. 

Releasing more synthwave into the world isn’t a novel idea in 2019. However, doing so while creating captivating, intimate, and emotionally resonant tunes is one of the many reasons that Arch Of Love need to be on your radar. With the haunting vocals of Chelsea Brennan at the helm, the three singles released thus far paint a very bright neon (naturally) future for the retro-futuristic duo. The shared history, musical compatibility, and personal connection between Brennan and bandmate Chris Schackerman clearly contributed to making such powerful and punchy songs. Brennan notes that their creative union has been fruitful and inspiring. “Chris and I have known each other since our late teens in 2012, and always knew we shared this common love for creating music. Between then and now, it goes without saying that we experienced a lot of growth individually, which brings an entirely different ‘spark’ than it would have back then.” The comfort of knowing each other for seven years may not be immediately noteworthy among the synth lines, saxophone solos, and hummable hooks, but it manifests itself by making robotic music sound distinctly human.  

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