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Dream Phases
Los Angeles, California 
So Long, Yesterday | Out Now | Nomad Eel Records 

Creating psych rock that feels grounded in the real world is a feat tougher than getting high and doing, well, much of anything. However, Dream Phases have their sights set in the land of the living rather than their namesake dream world. Sure, the hazy atmosphere is second to none, and it’s impossible not to feel the hallucinatory effects of So Long, Yesterday. Yet, the songs come together to create a haunting and compelling experience that should appeal to anyone who connects with the sultry tones of Ty Segall or Thee Oh Sees. There’s a conversational element to the record that only amplifies the personal yet relatable nature of the lyrics.  

Vocalist/guitarist/bassist Brandon Graham reflects on the affecting nature of the album, “We wanted to have each song stand on its own, but also to be able to blend into one another. Sort of like Dark Side of the Moon does, or the second side of Abbey Road. A lot of the songs are dealing with the end of a chapter in my life, and then moving onto the next one. So, there is a lot of nostalgia, reflection, and some melancholy that is shared both in the music and lyrics.”  

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