The New What Next: Figure Eight

The Newest Noise for Your Listening Pleasure! | By Nicholas Senior

Figure Eight
Long Island, New York
Any Given Flower | May 24 | Level Music
RIYL: The best of both worlds. Passion. Accidentally humming in public.

Pick up Any Given Flower HERE!

Figure Eight are going to be the next great Long Island band. Any Given Flower is haunting, hooky, and as potent as any emo rock record in recent memory. In many ways, so much of the album feels like a long-lost classic from the previous decade, boasting aggression and angelic choruses in equal measure. There’s a personal quality to the tunes that most bands don’t quite capture, and that’s for good reason. Figure Eight is vocalist and guitarist Ryan Meyers’ passion project but offers the fullness of a complete lineup behind him. “This band started with just me wanting to write songs that I had all the creative control over,” he explains. “Kind of like a Say Anything situation, I write, record, and have a band who plays live with me, but we still treat it like a band rather than a solo project.” That’s why Any Given Flower feels so cohesive despite being the work of one person—a very talented and engaging one at that.

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