The New What Next: Glitterer

The Newest Noise for Your Listening Pleasure! | By Nicholas Senior | Photo by Kevin Baker

New York City by way of Pennsylvania
Looking Through the Shades | July 12
| ANTI- Records
RIYL: Glitter bombs. Vintage viewfinders. Keyboard neckties.

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As Glitterer, Ned Russin of Title Fight fame has created a perfect summer album, the sonic equivalent of a glitter bomb. Brimming with sunshiny choruses, borderline cheesy but tasteful keyboard effects, and grungy guitars, Looking Through the Shades shines a light on growing up. The project started when Russin bought a midi keyboard to fuck around with, but it feels fully fleshed out. Sure, none of the songs stick around too long, but the lasting impression is one of growth, reflection, and fun. “Generally, the record is talking about concepts of self and other, the selfishness or selflessness that creates, and the way that colors the way we see the world,” Russin expands. “I think it’s very convenient, especially in a time as volatile and depressing as our own, to become convinced of some very nihilistic philosophies rooted in this belief in a singular, all-important self—like the world is so beyond fixing that the only thing you can do is focus on making yourself happy or something. […] This record is an attempt to show how and why that is convenient and then to show why that mentality is equally as unproductive and unappealing and then, most importantly, some ideas of how we can learn to live outside such a binary.” Looking Through the Shades feels like “Blue Velvet” meets summery jams, probing into the collective American psyche while having a blast.

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