The New What Next: Hatchie

The Newest Noise for Your Listening Pleasure! | By Nicholas Senior | Photo by Joe Agius

Brisbane, Australia
Keepsake | June 21 | Double Double Whammy
RIYL: Collectibles. Transformations. Euphoria.

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Proving that self-discovery doesn’t have to be morose, Keepsake is an incredible reminder of the power of pop music. The hazy, dreamlike quality of Hatchie’s shoegazey synthpop imbues it with an ethereal sense of serenity. All those AP Lit words aside, what’s most telling is how fucking fun this debut is and how lasting its joyful sentiments are long after the record stops spinning. Keepsake plays off the idea of Hatchie frontwoman Harriette Pilbeam trying to define her role in the world on her own terms. While not every experience was pleasant, she seems happy to sing the praises of life, so it’s not surprising that this neon-inflected album is imbued with so much sonic jubilation. This bliss was central to the songwriting as well. “I wanted to write music that made me feel happy and euphoric, that you could sing along with,” Pilbeam says. “I wanted to make music different from everything I was hearing in the local scene at the time.” The result is a timeless, terrific first impression from an artist who only will grow more precious over time.

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