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The Newest Noise for Your Listening Pleasure! | By Nicholas Senior

Heaven’s Club
Oakland, California
Here There and Nowhere | Sept. 27 | Profound Lore
RIYL: Connection. The dreamer who lives within the dream. Radiator ladies.

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There’s a happy irony to the fact that even the most electrified music—whether it’s heavy or fast, with a distorted electric guitar, a synthesized keyboard, or electronic drumbeats—still comes from a person, the dreamer who dreams up those various rhythms and sounds. It’s that human connection that produces the goods in Heaven’s Club.

Initially started as an outlet for Deafheaven guitarist Shiv Mehra, the band have blossomed into something beautiful and resonant. Using methodology borrowed from krautrock, post-punk, and synthpop, Heaven’s Club feel both timeless and current. That singularly krautrock sense of “otherness” lives on in the band’s spirit. Their debut, Here There and Nowhere, features a dreamy style that many try to pull off, but few do it this majestically. That nexus between old and new and an ache for union with others are at the heart of the album.

“The name Here There and Nowhere is derived from human disconnection,” Mehra expands. “We are absorbed in individualism and technology to a point of disconnection in the greater picture of existence. A lot of the songs are very meaningful to me, as my outlet for thoughts. A longing for peace and collaborative coexistence between nature and humanity, feelings of love, and distrust for authority can all be sensed within the album. I appreciate all who listen and find meaning in it all.”

There’s a distinctly Lynchian pull to Heaven’s Club, one that only adds to the wonders left to discover on their transcendent debut. After all, in Heaven, everything is fine.

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