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The Newest Noise for Your Listening Pleasure! | By Nicholas Senior

Los Angeles & Atlanta
goddamn gun-toting junkie camaro enthusiasts | June 14 | Baby Robot Records
RIYL: Instant gratification. Copious Ritalin. Red cards.

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 goddamn gun-toting junkie camaro enthusiasts is the definition of musical instant gratification. With punchy, punctual songs propelled by a palpable sense of perfect pace, illiterates are cunning linguists in the language of psych punk. Simple categorization is impossible here but also unnecessary. If one song bores you—though there’s no chance of such an occurrence—simply wait a few seconds for the next blistering batch of boisterous bombast. This efficient mindset is clearly preplanned, and vocalist Steve Albertson concurs. “We have enforceable rules in illiterates to keep things simple. Any one of us can pull out a red card or veto to say, ‘Stop trying to work out that part and simplify,’” he says. “What we want most with this record is immediacy. It’s how we write the songs. It’s in the lyrics. There’s lots of political shit in here, but there’s also a bunch of songs about drugs, drinking, and sex. We’re aiming for that primal, visceral, lizard part of your brain that only understands sex and violence. We’re taking on heavy subjects like religion, power structures, and casual violence with a wink and a slap on the ass.” If ever you wanted to rage against the machine while get

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