The New What Next: Low Dose

The Newest Noise for Your Listening Pleasure! | By Nicholas Senior

Low Dose
Low Dose | March 29 | Knife Hits & Brutal Panda Records
RIYL: Bubblegum. Kicking ass. Potency.

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I previously touted the potency of Low Dose when they had naught but a cassingle to their name, but now that their debut self-titled LP is officially out, we’re past due for another dose.

This particular medication was concocted for a singular purpose: catharsis. Formulated from former members of Fight Amp and Legendary Divorce, Low Dose have come here to chew bubblegum and kick ass, and they’re all out of bubblegum. There’s a power and pizazz that play wonderfully together on these 10 tracks, signifying a new band who elevate what came before them. Playing a superb amalgam of noise rock, grunge, and punk, the Philly group burst out of the gate with wild abandon.

Vocalist Itarya Rosenberg truly needed the cleansing creative outlet that became Low Dose. The group served as a dose of catharsis for Rosenberg “just by existing,” she says. “I mean, it has been beyond cathartic, truly necessary and the most helpful,” Rosenberg continues. “Playing music with them, writing, and connecting was very crucial for me. I honestly don’t know what I would have done without them. I felt completely at a loss, constantly struggling, and making this record was truly lifesaving.”

The freedom that comes from the purest form of expression and release permeates and elevates Low Dose. Noise pop is rarely this catchy or this immediate, and those looking for their next fix of some of the most vivacious, venomous tunes in years would do well to snag an audio prescription for what Low Dose deliver. You’re jonesin’, surely.

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