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The Newest Noise for Your Listening Pleasure! | By Nicholas Senior

Partial Traces
Low Definition | Sept. 27 | Salinas Records
RIYL: Science. Rules. Jesus and Mary.

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While there are so, so many punks writing synth-y post-punk, Partial Traces don’t color within the lines. For one, their songs feel much more grounded and less airy. Low Definition, as a whole, also borrows more from The Cure and The Jesus And Mary Chain in style, substance, and in spirit—there’s a driving energy that leaves traces of a punk past in its wake.

What truly separates Partial Traces from the post-punk pack is simple—these are fucking great songs. That’s the heart of what makes this group tick and evokes what gave those ’80s classics their staying power: it wasn’t the atmosphere or attitude; it was the wonderful tunes that drew listeners in with human stories. To that end, the band found a neat way to reimagine human connection.

“A partial trace, greatly simplified, is a way to map the movement of entangled particles on to two dimensions,” vocalist and keys player Maren Macosko notes. “I find this somehow darkly romantic, and for me, there are a lot of emotional parallels in the sciences, especially in physics, chemistry, and astronomy. Low Definition covers a lot of ground, but there’s an overarching investigation into the rules we make for ourselves. You know, basketball wouldn’t be any fun without its rules, but we made those rules up. We say how it goes, we get upset when rules get broken, and we come up with new ways to explain the pressures in our lives. I try to get at these really human universals—expectations, disappointments, readjustments—through lenses that are still physical or biological but not necessarily human. I hope that the distance lets people listen to the songs and hear something that can speak only to them.”

That in-depth thought process is what makes the themes and songs on Low Definition truly sing.

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