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San Antonio, Texas 
You & You | Out December 13th | Hex Records 
RIYL: Food. Cooking Up Trouble. Loud Noises

The musical recipe for success is simple yet wonderfully effective for Pinko: start with your main course of angular noise rock, season liberally with ’80s punk speed and aggression, sprinkle a few dashes of caustic lyricism, and voila! That’s a spicy meatball! You & You does a masterful job playing up the familiar and the fresh – it’s home cookin’ for any fan of noise rock, but it’s got a flavor all its own thanks to the talent of the sonic chefs. Pinko is a band comprised of actual cooks, and the frustration of the real world certainly plays into their brand of brash punk.  

“We tell stories in our own, obtuse way, focused on imagery and setting the table for our music,” guitarist and vocalist Guillermo Mendez says. “Our political views drip out, but lyrically, what we play as a band is shaped by what is going on. We’re all broke cooks who love our crafts, and find ourselves at odds with the myriad gross shit around us. It inspires us to ‘blow shit up’ with sound, and find a connection with people through that.” 

Top photo by Josh Huskin

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