THE SHORT LIST: 03.17.23

THE SHORT LIST 3.17.2023
“All this drinking, violence, destruction of property, Is this what we think of when we think of the Irish?” – Kent O’Brockman

The Short List is a weekly dive into EPs, Splits, Reissues, Comps, Live Records, etc

Vinnie Stigma ThrobbleHead AGGRONAUTIX
Mid 2023

A legend is immortalized. Vinnie Stigma gets the Throttlehead homage from Aggronautix. The Godfather of Hardcore can now stare at you from your desk in his irreverent form, which is 7 inches tall and made of solid polyresin. The snarling face, the mohawk, the boots and braces, the head tattoos all coalesce on this diminutive figure and oozes NYHC. Known as Top 3 NYHC funniest dudes, usually with Jimmy G and Paul Bearer, the Throbblehead feels all too appropriate for this ball busting, cheeky man who has written some iconic riffs; and will certainly be regarded as immortal in the canon of hardcore. Pulsating with New York Blood. Stigma is a man born to perform. His famous stance live, captured here, is hands on hips asking a crowd if they are ready for more.

Agnostic Front will be playing Vegas/Punk Rock Bowling May 26th, 27th, and on the Monster Stage the 29th. Then, band hits Europe through June 17th. Peep all the dates here.

LTD ED of 500

Check out the Promo

Tyrant Release the Animal TKO Records
Out Now

Tyrant Oi!These seven songs were originally spread over two seven inch EPs. They are now near impossible to grab. 2017’s Tyrant on Adult Crash saw 300 on black vinyl and a single-sided cassette (Headnoise Records). Then, Tyrant returned with the second ep in 2022, pressed by Netherlands’ Label, Rebellion; 500 total: 350 on black, 150 on Ultra Clear. TKO now gets the privilege of releasing the US pressing of their two EPs into one twelve-inch EP.

Seven tracks burst out the speakers with a rugged, confrontational urgency. Tyrant’s music combines hardcore and Rock n Roll Oi! with sounds reminiscent of The Bruisers, The Wretched Ones, Agnostic Front, post-1990 Poison Idea, Discipline to contemporaries like Complete Loss, No Time, CMI, and The Illiterates, and Skullcrack. Tyrant is from Copenhagen. In 2016, the idea of a negative, bitter Oi! band spawned from members of Night Fever and Cesspool. These fellas spew enmity towards the world and have the sonic wrecking ball to back it up.

First pressing: Test Press, 25; White vinyl, 100; Black vinyl, 400.

Grab It at TKO Records

Teenage Bottlerocket So Dumb / So Stoked Pirates Press Records
April 28th

For 20 -plus years, Wyoming punks, Teenage Bottlerocket have been respected for their execution of Ramones adoration. Recently, they recorded an EP with a unique approach. “So Dumb” / “So Stoked” is a double A-side seven inch. The EP delivers four songs, tethered by their dichotomy, sharing split titles of contrasting emotions. Here, Teenage Bottlerocket reflect upon a taxing and discordant 2020.

Pirates Press explains, “Specifically, bassist Miguel Chen wrote ‘So Dumb’ to express his frustration at what he observed as people’s unwillingness to work together for positive change. Guitarist/singer Kody Templeman wrote ‘So Stoked’ because of the hope inspired by what he saw as forward momentum and progress in and around his home of Denver, CO.” The same year, the same pandemic yielded two diametrically opposed perspectives. This results in an infectious quartet of songs.

Teenage Bottlerocket boast one of my favorite vocalists (shared with The Lillingtons). Templeman carries harmonies embedded in a lulling voice. Certainly. their musical approach is extracted from the Ramones’ mold. But, Teenage Bottlerocket has nuanced textures and grit which separate them from a generic band. Undeniably, Teenage Bottlerocket proudly employ some catchy elements while adding a distinct Rock ‘N’ Roll punch. While “It Wasn’t Enough” Ray Carlisle’s vocals clone Joey Ramone, the guitars exhibit a processed clean heavy metal sharpness, bringing it a fresh appeal. As always, Darren Chewka’s drumming keeps the boys in line with a battery of beats.

This EP represents Teenage Bottlerocket’s first release since 2021’s Sick Sesh LP.

They tour March 29 to August 14 in North America and Europe.

*record not up for pre-order on Pirates Press’ webshop yet.

Hirax Raging Violence + Hate, Fear, and Power Armageddon Label
22 April 2023

Armageddon Label, with dedication and reverence, announced that they have purchased the licenses for the first two Hirax albums from Metal Blade. The thrash misfits from Los Angeles (formed in Cypress, CA in 1984) left a domineering switchblade-carving in the bathroom stall of metal. These two LPs, Raging Violence and Hate, Fear, and Power, have been out of print for practically twenty years. Originally released in 1985 and 1986, respectively, these two albums infused killer thrash, speed metal, and stunning crossover to leave a distinct footprint. Hirax formed and distilled powerful songs with heavy riffs and ripping drums. Hirax keep their songs around the two minute mark; eschewing any notion of a seven minute thrash track. Standing tall amongst peers such as Suicidal Tendencies, Slayer, DRI, Anthrax, Nuclear Assault and the like, Hirax were proud to rep their scene via riffs which relay a frantic electricity. And the most distinguishing trait has to be the commanding vocals of Katon W De Pena. They are actually sung, not growled, and have a defiining range. Kneel before triumphant falsettos a la King Diamond and Rob Halford.

As LA metalheads, Hirax embodied metal with a fervent loyalty to the scene. “Bombs of Death”, “Suicide”, and “Destruction and Terror” all portray the varied riffs and low end chug touted on Raging Violence. The album has 15 tracks and there is not one to skip. “Imprisoned by Ignorance” boasts grimy riffs at a hardcore mid-tempo then rockets into ludicrous speed (trademarked by Big Helmet). The production is crisper and tighter here across only seven tracks this time. “Unholy Sacrifice” is an unbridled scorcher channeling their speed metal roots.

Hirax still gets respect today. Neither the band nor the fans are in this for nostalgia. Hirax are consistently lauded for their current work ( reviewers’ have 2004’s The New Age of Terror rated at 92% and their most recent, Immortal Legacy, at 87%.). The sound on these records captures the indsane fury of Hitrax. How wonderful to have these two classics resurrected. Nod to  Nick Townsend (drummer for Knife Fight and Fireburn among others) on a stellar remastering.

Hirax website
Armageddon Label
Armageddon Shop

SC.U.M. Born Too Soon Porterhouse Records
March 10, 2023

Formed in Montreal Quebec in 1980, SC.U.M. and their solitary LP may have been lost in the scattered dust bin of impulsive punk. Yet again, Porterhouse Records revive great 80’s punk as they did with Personality Crisis and The Dils. Porterhouse notes these revered stalwarts stood out with “a unique style born of the multi-lingual and multi-racial composition of its members and their shared outrage at the state of the world.”  Frontman Anthony Mark spits lyrics with the dark atmosphere and outlook which reminds me of Agent Orange. Born Too Soon was released in 1983, after a new drummer joined and the band had honed their delivery and presence.  Thick production provides a sweet low end and full sounding recording. The sonic space created is expertly done. Most of the tracks have a mid-tempo skate punk feel; similar to Circle Jerks, Angry Samoans, Cause For Alarm, and again, Agent Orange. Of course faster tracks occur, such as “Beer Can Nightmare”. The other 12 songs are comprised of subject matter in the spirit of the time; nuclear war, Reagan, skating, anti-authority, etc.

Porterhouse redesigned the layout and remastered the record with the band fully in tandem.

Pick up your copy here – 500 copies on black vinyl. *three never heard before bonus tracks for download with purchase

You can stream Born Too Soon at Porterhouse (scroll down. you can, in fact, stream all Porterhouse releases).

Kowloon Walled City Container Ships 10th Anniversary Brutal Panda
Out Now

conatiner shipsWith such a stark record, it seems counterintuitive to say, “I fell in love with this record immediately”. So, you can come up with your own morose, profound version. Kowloon Walled City’s second record, Container Ships dropped in 2012. This heaving endeavor remains a crushing, bleak record which also balances clean tones and sparse songwriting. The negative space shudder’s just as loudly as any brash band of the ilk. Kowloon Walled City, in their fifth year, combined with Brutal Panda Records to release this harbinger of a declaration. The music ranges and fuses sludge, post-rock, and indie rock. Container Ships
lands like a suffocating burden. Completely worth the journey, the record exhumes four dudes’ gnawing, grim struggles basking in San Francisco’s fog.

Kowloon Walled City embarks upon a 35 minute trek over seven tracks. Hypnotic. Unsettling. Churning. The guitar work infects the mind, while a rolling rhythm section churns the stomach. Container Ships has been repressed six prior times, 2025 copies total. The 10th Anniversary is upon us and this version comes on half white/half pink vinyl in a gatefold jacket featuring the stunning photography of Roy Zipstein.

RIYL: Wrong, Melvins, Isis, Torche, Black Sheep Wall, Kyklesa, Whores, Fugazi

Container Ships 10th Anniversary is for sale at Brutal Panda shop – Pink/White Split, 400.

The band’s merch page has some sharp duds to buy

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