Cold As Life Declination of Independence A389 Recordings
December 15th

The final piece of the Cold As Life has been resurrected. A389 grabbed the reins and provided reissues of long out of print material from these Detroit legends. Violent, authentic, brutal, and heavy, Cold As Life has a battered legacy but those who survived and resurfaced are proven warriors. A389 Recordings treated fans to In Memory of Rodney A. Barger (1970 – 93) earlier this year and a top ten hardcore record, Born to Land Hard, in 2021. 2020 also witnessed Backside Records provide a vinyl edition of the evasive cassette demos, ’95 Demo on side A and ’97 Demo on side B.

If you had this CD since it dropped, you have suffered along with me and plenty of fans to the horrendous production sound. The final recordings of the band were marred by a weird guitar sound, a tin snare, and absence of any low-end drums or bass. But we played the CD because the songs were relentless. The fury was still residing in the grimy pith of the tracks.

A389 Recordings recruited two of the finest in the business to revive, remix, and remastered this lost gem. Taylor Young and Brad Boatright reimagined this classic and blessed fans with Declination of Independence for the first time ever on vinyl. Taylor Young at The Pit Studios went back to square one and remixed from the original tapes. Brad Boatright at Audiosiege did what he has done for so many hardcore, punk, sludge, metal, whatever artists and lent his Midas Touch. Four color variations are nestled in gatefold packaging with artwork restored by Hunter Winstead.

Declination of Independence was a venomous statement on the USA in 2000. Cold As Life’s lens was formed through the desolate streets of a dilapidated Detroit; writhing in wreckage from the dying auto and other industries. The album continued the impact of Born to Land Hard with tales of poverty, struggle, felonies, rage, violence, addiction, drugs, jail, and unfortunately, murder. Rodney Barger (aka, Rawn Beauty) was shot in his bed by roommate Richard Werstine in 1993. These tracks were mostly new; “I Can’t Breathe” was a track from the 1992 Demo. “My Own Worst Enemy” was from the Victory Records Compilation, Only the Strong Survive – 1999. And “What I Want” original was on ’97 Demo. They were rerecorded for this record with a more punishing savagery. Ten new songs have no been molded into the proper treachery. Songs such as “Dayz Born Against Enemies”, “You’ve Still Not One”, “C.T.Y.C.”, “Demon Seed” and the title track stand out. But every song here represents the sound and spirit of Cold As Life, no needle drops or skips here.

150x Clear w/ Purple/Red/White Splatter
350x White/Purple Smash
200x Red – Generation Records (10) exclusive
500x Purple

Pre-Order at A389 along with tons of Cold As Life Merch

The Cheats Cheap Pills 20th Anniversary Edition Screaming Crow Records
October 20, 2023

The Cheats intertwine lyrical allusions to Johnny Rotten and Johnny Thunders while channeling chords of The Jabbers, Ramones, Dead Boys. They sling snarling, ugly, rambunctious punk rock ‘n’ roll. The Cheats’ debut album turned twenty and Screaming Crow celebrate with an astonishing effort. Current guitarist, Johnny Razorblade, helmed the boards to re-EQ and master the record from original sessions. To add some heft, The Cheats supplemented the reissue of this long out of print record with a demo (from their nascent days, still named The No Goods), a cover of The Jones’ “Pill Box”, and a few live tracks. The album’s artwork also redesigned.

Cheap Pills honors the ‘70’s proto punk rock ‘n’ roll days, in attitude, substances, and riffs. Song titles such as “5X Loser”, “Killing me”, and “Young and Dumb” paints a vivid and accurate picture. Nods to Blondie, Hanoi Rocks, and Cheap Trick combine with snotty punk to supply a well-rounded homage to the early greats. Get your fix!

Pre-order on The Cheats’ bandcamp

Screaming Crow Records

From the last studio album:


No Retreat Pray For Peace 20th Anniversary Edition Screaming Crow Records
October 20, 2023

Never thought I would see this day. No Retreat are getting the respect they earned over twenty years ago. Pittsburgh’s heavy hardcore (call it tough guy or beatdown) bruisers’ CDs have been out of print for years. You can drop over $50 to snag it on discogs, if so inclined. Pray for Peace was the follow up record to their monumental split with Krutch in 2000. For this anniversary reissue, Screaming Crow (formerly, Da ‘Core Records) called the album’s original producer, Eric Klinger (in The Take currently; ex- Pro-Pain, Spudmonsters, Bloodclot!, Built Upon Frustration) to revamp Pray for Peace. The band broke up after this release, so to hear the improved production with analog tape back-up vocals as some extra spice. Klinger remixed to remastered an album recorded in a basement in the early ‘00s. No Retreat’s hard and heavy hardcore leaves no trace of that aspect as this record shines in furious glory.

Preorder at No Retreat bandcamp

  • Black LP for retail outlets
    Orange copies on website
    125 copies of each color in North America.
    125 copies of each color in Europe, Negative Aggression Records, Sweden
    100 cassettes with alternative cover, Death Farm Records, Belgium
    100 cassettes, Suckerpunch Records, Russia.
    Remixed and remastered by original producer, Eric Klinger (Pro-Pain, The Take)
    Bonus tracks on CD version only with No Retreat’s half of Krutch split CD, Thornz Records (2000)
    Limited edition camo t-shirts and black hoodies featuring the band’s napalm logo are up for pre-order

Check out their hard to find debut:

Master Let’s Start A War Hammerheart Records
Out Now

Master is a classic and influential (cited by Terrorizer, Entombed, and others) death/thrash metal band that have whipped up ugliness and adversarial antics since 1983. Master’s main force is Paul Speckmann who formed Master after his short-lived band, War Cry. Between 1983 and 1989 there were some gaps, but Speckmann has driven Master forward since then and continues today. He is bassist, vocalist, and songwriter. Speckmann resides in Czech but came from Chicago. The story in between is robust in his social, religious, and political (read: Anti-American) lyrics.
Let’s Start A War boasts tracks such as “Cast One Vote”, “American Freedom”, “Dictators”, “Purchase a New Handgun”, etc setting the tone. The remastering maintains the raw, gnarly sound of Master which can race forward or mire in sludgy form of thrash; think Crowbar, Bolt Thrower, Carnage, Massacre. Let’s Start a War is Master’s fifth record, from 2002, and showcases how the band was charging into a new millennium.

First time available on vinyl with new artwork:
Camo Green vinyl, Blood Red vinyl, and Black vinyl.

Order here at Napalm Records Shop

Green Day Dookie 30th Anniversary Deluxe Edition Warner
SEPTEMBER 29, 2023
How does one encapsulate one of the most titanic and tectonic (creating a paradigm shift in punk’s relationship to mainstream culture) albums of rock and roll history in a short paragraph? One cannot. But since everyone already knows this record thoroughly, let’s approach the 30th Anniversary Box Set and its treasures. The box set includes unreleased Dookie demos, outtakes, an unheard Live in Barcelona (June 5 1994), and Live at Woodstock ‘94. Each record is on a different color splatter or swirl, all shades of brown, of course. But if you yearn for more than just the music, die hards will be sated with: a roll of Dookie dog poop bags, five-button set, air freshener, postcard, bumper sticker, kiss-cut large magnet sheet, paper airplane, a black-and-white “Coloring Page” cover litho insert, and a poster of the alternate cover art. Both box set versions feature a heartfelt personal intro penned by GRAMMY® Award-winning producer Rob Cavallo and extensive liner notes from GRAMMY® Award winner Bob Mehr.

Delve in to one of the most lauded and adored records in American History with the LTD ED 6-LP Vinyl or 4-CD Box Set. Regurgitate memories of the four Grammy Awards, the books, articles, RIAA certifying its Diamond status wi4th 20 Million copies sold, the position on Rolling Stone’s 500 Greatest Albums of All Time, and the perch in fans’ hearts around the globe.

Order on Green Day’s webshop

Das Damen 1986: Keeps Me Alive Dromedary Records
Out Now

Birthed in the early ‘80s scene of Greenwich Village/NYC, Das Damen concocted a meandering, dirty, chaotic, progenitor of noise rock. Their debut EP, 1986: Keeps Me Alive, was technically released on Thurston Moore’s Ecstatic Peace! Label (later rereleased on SST). But the band had walked to NYC record stores in person and provided them on commission. Their DIY ethic would define them through 1991 over four albums and eight EPs.

Das Damen’s sound was unique and unnamable. But they took from contemporaries and earlier rockers to meld sounds from Replacements, Husker Du, Mission OF Burma, THE MC5, The Stooges, Sonic Youth, Dinosaur Jr, Elvis Costello, REM, Cheap Trick, and even The Beatles. Das Damen weave eclectic factors with “otherworldly singalong harmonies, tasty hooks, monster riffs, and miles and miles of paisley-draped, hair-exploding style.”
1986: Keeps Me Alive was recently remastered. This vinyl version has supplementary material in the form of an array of previously unreleased demos, reimagined tracks, and a brand-new issue of Das Damen drummer Lyle Hysen’s legendary fanzine, Damaged Goods (showcasing a timeline, flyers, oral history, testimonials from Thurston Moore, Tom Scharpling, and more).

In their perpetually artistic minds, they took original recordings and culled new peer contributions from as Dez Cadena (Black Flag), Thalia Zedek (Come), Gary Lee Connor (Screaming Trees), John Robinson (The Fluid), and A Girl Called Eddy.

Available on a Deluxe Edition on Black Vinyl on Dromedary Records bandcamp



Fugitive Blast Furnace b/w Stand Off 20 Buck Spin
September 29, 2023 (Estimate)

Fort Worth, Texas’ Fugitive tease fans with two new tracks up for pre-order. Interesting note, this is 20 Buck Spin’s first ever pressing on the seven-inch format in over 200 releases. Fugitive is Power Trip’s Blake Ibanez’s newer thrash band (throw in some crossover, death metal, and hardcore, of course) formed in 2021 with members of Skourge, Impalers, ANS, Creeping Death, and more. Their first record, Maniac (2022, 20 Buck Spin), drew ardent praise. That debut LP showed strength and vigor. Fugitive plays with passion and intensity which explode through the first track, “Blast Furnace”. This is a five minute rager with taut riffs summoning the ‘80s forefathers, perfected with a dynamic structure including cymbal chokes, wailing solo, a sweet two-step gallop part, an ill breakdown, vicious vocals and lots of “uh”s to accent time changes. It is up digitally by encourage you to support the label and the band with this sweet vinyl.

Vinyl available on Maroon/Cyan mix, Blood Red, Blue, White, or Black at 20 Buck Spin bandcamp

Ufomammut Crookhead Supernatural Cat
October 31, 2023

The Italian psychedelic noise-mongers return with a three track EP, Crookhead. Ufomammut are driving hard in their 25th year. The opener rages with crusty, distorted doom riffs pummeling the speakers. Last year, Ufomammut released their ninth album (Fenice, Neurot Recordings, 2022). This EP, along with Fenice, exhibits the skills of new drummer, Levre, behind founders, Poia and Urlo. They also run a graphic/visual design in conjunction with their sonic tapestries.

The three tracks on Crookhead are examples of Ufomammut’s continued mastery of the riff and varied aspects. Mind-bending slow parts, samples, spoken word, and expansive atmospheric elements drenched in reverb expose their third eye intentions. The title track opens with nine minutes of waves of low end. “Supernova” and “Vibrhate” cover the next nine minutes together. Ufomammut traverse into the band’s third decade proving the vehement passion for this music.

The Halloween release will be available digitally and in a limited edition vinyl which will be available only on their fall tour.

Pressing of 500: Marble Red vinyl, 200; Marble Gold vinyl, 200; Clear Transparent vinyl, 100
Preorders are now live at the Supernatural Cat shop HERE.

“Watch for audio/visual previews of the record to be issued over the weeks ahead.”

From 2022’s Fenice, “Psychostasia”

Equivocator The Angle Nefarious Industries
September 22, 2023

The Angle is debut EP from the brainchild of multi-instrumentalist/vocalist/songwriter Matt Lupo (East of the Wall, Stronds, Opul, The Postman Syndrome) recruiting East of the Wall bandmate, Chris Alfano (ex-NY In 64, ex-Day Without Dawn, The Postman Syndrome). The result of the duo’s conjured angular, spastic, harsh, heavy music. Part metal, part noise, part math-rock, the music hammers down with no pity. Equivocator pounds away with repetitive riffs until they recede and delivers a larger sound. Alfano’s vocals are clearly driven by contempt. Yet, the enmity yie;lds to some clean vocals on “Axiomatic”. Through the trio of tracks, Lupo’s work employs double kick drums, punk riffs, dissonant/spacey guitars, chunky AmRep parts, and much more. All of it works and flows perfectly. Lupo knows when to dwell and when to move on. Hope for more form this project.

Limited Gold Metallic cassette tape, Edition of 50. Buy on bandcamp

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