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Acaustix / Ready Armed System Split 12” Series: Military Grade Vol I Roachleg Records
January 19, 2024

2024 sees Roachleg Records initiating a spit series of which we hope to see many more. For Military Grade Volume I, Roachleg Records harvest two killer Austin bands from their demos from their own discography. The Brooklyn label released Acaustix demo (2021, cassette), Ready Armed System (2021, cassette), and other releases including: Poison Ruin, Puffer, Beton Arme, Kato, Final War, Chainsaw, Scalple, and dozens more.

Ready Armed System command Side A with nine tracks. Only one of those cross the one-minute mark (by hitting the extensive 90 second mark). R.A.S. rip through their portion quickly with exposed, feral hardcore. The production is noisy and rough, matching the energy and music perfectly. Ready Armed System quickly illicit the sound of Tear It Up with the distortion at 11. Toss in a little Knife Fight, Think I Care, Crucifix, Negative Approach, Poison Idea… you get the point. Short. Fast. Loud. The sound encapsulates unfettered rage and disgust. Ironically the recording is noisier than the Demo, but the blunt force trauma experienced will delight all.

Acaustix equally represent hardcore, just the Swedish D-Beat slant. The drums are ridiculously fast while maintaining precision.  The deep vocal growls and blistering riffs charge forward with no mercy. Think Victims, Anti-Cimex, Totalitar, and the usual suspects. Side be is stamped with seven tracks, focused on  under two minutes. Belligerent, brazen hardcore. The first track, “All for What?” beckons their Discharge forefathers both sonically and characteristically. The recording is distorted and noisy; again, not as crisp as their demo. But damn it feels like a grueling live experience.

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BIB Biblical QCHQ
January 16 2024

Sometimes we look towards thriving scenes for intense bands. Instinct tells us that the competition will witness the gnarliest hardcore erupt from a city with myriad bands. And sometimes the intensity of a band is extracted from the isolation and passion which can only come from deprivation. BIB is a four piece from Omaha, NE with five quick releases of savage hardcore. And when the album is on Quality Control HQ, we know it is going to slay.

Biblical was engineered, mixed, and mastered by Arthur Rizk. His name and touch has had an imprint on a range of heavy music for the past fifteen years. Some names are Power Trip, Eternal Champion, Pissed Jeans, Cro-Mags, TUI, Soulfly, Sacred Reich, Kreator, Sumerlands, Xibalba. Most recently Rizk produced had a few bangers which stood firmly on more than a few “Best of 2022” lists: Final Gasp, Judiciary, and Wayfarer. Here he aids the band in their approach to sound. BIB’s Demo (2016), brutal hardcore as it is, had the direct Boston Strangler/The Rival Mob approach. 2019’s Moshpit EP chunked it up; moderately but enough to notice. Heavy, raw, chaotic. 2020’s Delux had shifted to a garage rock aesthetic. Not that it was light. The music was still fast and heavy, but with production sound of Night Birds, Regulations, Wasted Time, Social Circkle, etc.

Here, Rizk and the band have layered a psychedelic haze on Biblical. The music still exhibits the sonic blasphemy of BIB’s past tunes. This is unhinged, maniacal fury. The atmospheric impression is really just a pedal or filter; a delay or echo of sorts. But it adds texture and depth; utilizing the vocals as another instrument.

BIB slays the fast parts. But the band also incorporates plenty of mid-tempo stomp. “Stomp” is the first word penetrating my mind. As in, I envision a man stomping around a small apartment trashing and breaking and ravaging blindly. “Two Faced Planet” has a chugging riff for a militant breakdown. “Bitter Mind” gets a Rizk touch with two clean, angelic phrases. Not an entire ‘clean part’, just a dollop of something different. But random elements is not new for BIB. They are known for their drop of a dime tempo changes and eclectic song structures.

Biblical’s five tracks are the perfect amount. The music isn’t extremely dynamic. 12 to 16 tracks might feel redundant. Here BIB delivers eleven and a half minutes of destitute debauchery. Brutality is the purpose. Dark and menacing, the music pummels with ferocity. I keep thinking some 86 Mentality meets Urban Waste. The record conjures the fringe elements of early American Hardcore: Negative FX, Necros, VOID, YDI stuck in perpetual stomp mode. Not all in sound, but in method and madness. Biblical is music for the ostracized, the cold and ugly.

Purple Marble, 700
Black, 300

Pre-Order at:

BIB Mid-West Tour Dates:

January 31st – Omaha, NE @ The Blindspot
February 2nd – Kansas City, MO @ Howdy
February 3rd – St Louis, MO @ The Sinkhole
February 4th – Columbus, OH @ Dirty Dungarees
February 5th – Indianapolis, IN @ Atomic Bowl
February 6th – Chicago, IL @ The Storefront
February 8th – Milwaukee, WI @ Cactus Club
February 9th – Minneapolis, MN @ Jackson Flats
February 10th – Iowa City, IA @ Tru Coffee

Violin self-titled Iron Lung Records
January 26, 2024

London’s Violin supplies a four-track ripper in six minutes. It’s guaranteed quality when it is on Iron Lung. Lo-fi, straight up punishing hardcore punk. Everything moves forward as enraged vocals vomit vitriol. This is all understood when it is realized that Lindsay Corstophine is the sole creator/performer. The sound is early 80s USHC feel via the early 2000’s; Violent Arrest/Voorhees/Ripcord, Out Cold, The Control, etc.

Corstophine rages against what he calls, “cruel fantastic world of willful ignorance, seething metropolitan dread, paranoid visions and fatal submissions.” This fits the vehement digust cauterized by his raspy throat. The music, as stated, is fast-core, no fancy frills. I like my hardcore with tempo changes and breakdowns. BUT, for six minutes, I will revel in the unrelenting splendor of vicious venting.

Simple production, little tinny in the guitar but that snare snaps. That is on a laptop. But, the bass thunders through when you switch to good headphones or speakers. Don’t be a chump and drop the four bucks on bandcamp or support solid tunes and order the seven-inch for nine bucks.


70 gram Black, 500

Pre-Order at Iron Lung webshop or bandcamp

Ghoul Noxious Concoctions EP Tankcrimes
February 2, 2024

Ghoul Group
Photo by J Donovan Malley

They’re baaaaack. Ghoul spews four new tracks (and one Funerot cover), emitting their vile version of devious metal. Eight years have passed since their Dungeon Bastards LP (Tankcrimes, 2016) and the Wall of Death EP (Tankcrimes, 2016) and split with Ill Bill (2018, Highly recommended). Conjuring these “noxious concoctions” from Creepsylvania, Ghoul return to eviscerate fans’ eyes, eardrums, and sense of decency. The sound is a gnarly melding of hardcore punk, death metal growls, and death/thrash riffs. Mixing cannabis and cannibalism, Noxious Concoctions vomits fetid incarnations of pounding metal. Humor and horror are the ingredients at the hands of these alchemists.

Since 2001, Ghoul have created lecherous sounds. Noxious Concoction begins with a seven and a half opener, “The Eyes of the Witch”. Title track follows with bombastic drums and tight AF thrash riffs. Unlike the opener, the following three original tracks land on about the three-minute mark. “Ratlicker” ends with a fun thrash bass and drums rumble. Ghoul shine here again ripping off the cobwebs. If you have never heard of Ghoul, welcome. Plan to get a sweet, sacrilegious sample of death/thrash. Please do not misinterpret my presentation of Ghoul as a joke band. No problem with having fun with the job at which you excel.

RIYL: GWAR, Cannabis Corpse, Municipal Waste, Acid Witch, Toxic Holocaust, Havok


  • Die Hard – Swamp Green (includes Noxious Concoctions cocktail book and GHOULunatics swizzle stick)
  • Wacky Splatter – Black And Bone mix w/ Swamp Green Splatter (Tankcrimes mailorder exclusive)
  • Orange Crush – Retail edition

Pre-order at Tankcrimes






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Check dates on the killer tour below:

GHOUL w/ Municipal Waste, Necrot, Dead Heat:

2/15/2024 Black Cat – Washington, DC
2/16/2024 Union Transfer – Philadelphia, PA
2/17/2024 Brooklyn Monarch – Brooklyn, NY
2/18/2024 The Paradise – Boston, MA
2/20/2024 Foufounes Electriques – Montreal, QC
2/21/2024 London Music Hall – London, ON
2/22/2024 Rec Room – Buffalo, NY
2/23/2024 Magic Stick – Detroit, MI
2/24/2024 Turner Hall – Milwaukee, WI
2/26/2024 Fine Line – Minneapolis, MN
2/27/2024 Waiting Room – Omaha, NE
3/01/2024 Summit Music Hall – Denver, CO
/02/2024 Mesa Theatre – Grand Junction, CO
3/04/2024 UC Theatre – Berkeley, CA
3/05/2024 Terragram Ballroom – Los Angeles, CA
3/06/2024 Encore – Tucson, AZ
3/08/2024 Paper Tiger – San Antonio, TX
3/09/2024 Trees – Dallas, TX
3/10/2024 House Of Blues – New Orleans, LA
3/12/2024 Culture Room – Ft. Lauderdale, FL
3/13/2024 The Abbey – Orlando, FL
3/14/2024 40 Watt – Athens, GA
3/15/2024 The Senate Theatre – Columbia, SC
3/16/2024 The National – Richmond, VA

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