The Short List: 4.14.2023

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Power Trip Live in Seattle Southern Lord
June 23 

Power Trip expanded beyond their expected reach. Somehow these five Texans executed the vision in their hearts and minds and connected to millions of fans from the most isolated angry teen to Ice MF’in T. This recording of this live performance was released digitally. Now, Southern Lord will unleash this paramount, piercing performance on vinyl, CD, and digital formats.

From fan favorites to deep cuts, Power trip reveled in the brash brilliance of their two albums. Power Trip’s expert thrash/crossover/hardcore blend from varied influences and inspirations coalesce into an entity of live fury only Power Trip could deliver. This recording from May 28, 2018 reassure what we all knew, the impact of Power Trip was undeniable. The conviction and dedication is palpable in each riff. Riley Forever.

Check Southern Lord periodically for more releases.


Absolute Truth Where Does It Start? WAR Records
April 21

absolute truth war recordsAbsolute Truth are here to leave an imprint like a eight ball to the jaw. These six tracks embody each aspect you want in a hardcore song. When the first track’s bass line and drum roll hit with the amassing riffs, all I envision successive stage dives, backflips, and headwalks. Absolute truth are composed of members of xGATEKEEPERx, Noose, Decline, and others. Hard-edged riffs are paired with a malignant sonic pummeling. Lyrics cull the various factors which comprise this shitshow of a society.

Absolute Truth’s eight minutes illuminate personal and societal failures. Vets of this genre combine Over My Dead Body, In My Eyes, Side By Side, Chain Of Strength, and others to amass killer influences added to their own past bands to completely destroy. Every ounce of energy to cull from this furious SXE band is directed at injustice and failures of this current world. This EP earns all the titles and accolades: old-school, traditional, hard as nails, poignant, etc. Absolute Truth aim high and hit the bullseye.

Pressings: Cassette Blue, 30; Cassette Black, 100; Vinyl Lathe Cut, 50

Follow Absolute Truth on instagram.

Revelatours Indignation self-released
April 11 

This past Tuesday, Revelatours dropped their second EP, Indignation. The band provide three tracks of punky, garage rock ‘n’ roll. The sparky vocals of Shae (previously of Lyons, Let It Burn, Ramoms, and Fright) with a learned sneer sings foreboding lyrics. Max Campbell (Gestalts, Hudson Falcons; Oi! The Boast label) slings his guitars in lo-fi and catchy splendor.

They reference influences as expected, such as Ramones and The Cramps. But if you dig anything from The Briefs to The Schizophonics, Mala Vista to The Boys, 999, and The Adverts, then this fast and vibrant, abrasive music is for you. The rhythm section of Dave (bass) and Curtis (drums) summoning primal beats illuminate a glorious combination. Revelatours arrive in a whirlwind and spin trashy, gritty rock ‘n’ roll for the punks in two to three minutes but employ actual songwriting (not just riffs), and the result is infectious.

As of now, only a digital version is available, but tapes are being made for a later release.

Criminal Outfit Shut It Down Self Released
April 7

Damn. I post this with a bittersweet tear in the batter’s box of my sullen eyes. This will be the last release from these L.A. dudes. Four tracks are forged with an incendiary drive. The title track has some metal infused, a little Maiden, a little L.A., but in the end ,still an 100% aggressive rally cry against DUIs and drugs. “No More Moderation” is blazing fast Oi! with no apologies. “Anaheim Street (A Million Saturdays Pt II)” closes the EP. That track punches without restraint.

Vocalist Ditch bellows with commanding presence and a wild, grimy snarl that borders on unhinged. Many ad-libbed howls and growls are welcome as they match the ferocity of this powerful music. Alex V, also in Castillo and Repeat Offender, on guitar with Ramblin’ Sam joining, make those six strings wail. Keith and Blake (also in Castillo) get to shine on the final track but truly release fire across all four as the drive the songs. Well-rehearsed and a strong unit of spit and aggression, Criminal Outfit will be missed. But what a way to bow out.

As of now, only a digital version is available, but tapes are being made for their final shows this summer.

Chat Pile / Nerver Brothers in Christ Reptilian Records / The Ghost Is Clear Records
April 14 

chat pile vinyl
Chat Pile comfortably sat on myriad Best Of 2022 lists as the year vanished into memories. Well, to stoke your grey matter, the band return with Kansas City friends Nerver. Nerver grab side A with two crushing tracks channeling Unsane, Cherubs, and Whores. The noise rock is the foundation, and what occupies the majority of the vile sonic exorcism. Yet, alas, there are respites and injected bits of alternative/indie/grunge, etc. The frustration which fetters the listener’s regrets demand attention. Nerver basks in the vocalist screamed delivery and harsh, churning riffs.

Chat Pile open Side B with “King,” which is a trudging adventure; starting off with a Foundry Records nod and morphing—on the back of the tumultuous bass line—into a pulsating deluge of riffs. The song then bandies between the dichotomy of the sounds. The delivery of a blahzay dismissal of a Godard film envelopes the listener. Busch’s exhausted, narcotic vocals refraining “I Don’t Care” is rather brilliant and slicing. “Cut” begins with Kowloon Walled City strums and waves of heavy. Atmospheric despair and defeated apathy tear at each other wrought with sedated tension.

Grab yours at Reptilian Records.

PRESSINGS: 10-inch vinyl EP in four color variants. 666 one-sided 12-inch EP with art screened directly on the vinyl – SOLD OUT

FIRST PRESSING 10-inch on four variants
* 500 black ice/red splatter
* 500 black ice/green splatter
* 500 black ice/yellow splatter
* 500 black ice/gold splatter

Sial Sangkar LA VIDA ES UN MUS

Singapore’s Sial, on their fifth release (two LPs and three EPs, all on La Vida Es Un Mus) return with a new batch of tracks on Sangkar, meaning “cage” in English. You can watch the inferences unravel. Taking a heavy dose of Japanese hardcore (The Nurse, Stalin, G.I.S.M., Gauze, etc), Sial spew six songs in 11-and-a-half minutes. The riffs certainly blaze ridiculously but also can slow a bit to romp at a two-step pace.

Raging female vocals of Siti Fatimah dominate with an urgent presence, eschewing prior delves into psych and tangential sounds. Zhafran Mohd on bass and chainsaw guitars of Hafiz Mohammad Shamsudin. The drums of Izzad Radzali Shah shine through here on Sangkar. The production has been improved, manifesting a fully realized sound with tight hardcore rage.

Digitally released in February, now the vinyl is starting to surface.
Purchase at Sorry State or La Vida Es Un Mus.

Vinyl Pressings:

*I feel like a failure, but the numbers pressed for each are not on LVEUM site, discogs, or bandcamp.

Pink (Limited Southeast Asian edition of 150 copies)

Dark Blue (LVEUM Shop and bandcamp)

Black (LVEUM Shop and bandcamp)

Blue Marble (Sorry State)

Cassette (LTD Self Release in Indonesia)

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