The Week in Review: Four New Records to Check Out

Turnstile – Glow On (Roadrunner Records)

The Baltimore hardcore group’s third record is certainly the most intriguing of their career. Pushed in a far more dreamy and psychedelic direction Glow On retains the ferocity of previous records while implementing more elements of melodic punk. The record is ambitious and pulls influence from across the musical spectrum.

 “BLACKOUT” is percussively astounding, finding time to include African style hand drums. There are moments of stadium rock, youthful agony, and lyrical potency to be found on every track. This is a clear winner of an album.

Glow On is out on Roadrunner Records.

Goat – Headsoup (Rocket Recordings)

Claiming to hail from a remote and cursed Swedish village, Goat are a masked collective whose identities still remain unknown. Their sound is a mixture of cosmic folk, krautrock, and twisted psychedelia. 2016’s Requiem was touted as their final LP, and thus far that much is still true.

Headsoup is a compilation of B-sides, unreleased singles, and digital edits that deepen the mythos of the band. Fans of fuzzed out, noisy, psychedelic grooves will find a lot to love here. An eternally spacy and noisy jam band that combines the best parts of garage and Ethiopian jazz.

Headsoup is out on Rocket Recordings.

Water From Your Eyes – Structure (Wharf Cat)

On the Brooklyn electro-pop duo’s fifth record the pair continue to create layered indie music while implementing some elements of post-punk. This record is diverse in sounds.

Some tracks like “When You’re Around” wouldn’t feel out of place on a Paul McCartney record while “Quotations” pivots the record in an entirely new direction combining sampled vocals, chirpy drum machines, and layered synths to create something evocative of Animal Collective or High Places.

Universally across this record the themes of heartbreak and hope can be found. The somewhat somber tone here fits well with the lyrical themes. This truly is one of the more unique releases you might find this year. Don’t skip it!

Structure is out on Wharf Cat.

Torment & Glory – We Left a Note With An Apology (Sargent House Records)

Brian Cook is probably better known as the bass guitarist for Russian Circles and Sumac, both intensely heavy groups, but here on his first solo record it’s americana music that takes center stage. Traditional folk numbers are paired with atmospheric drones that create a unique ambience and feel to this record.

Lyrically, this record rambles a uniquely American tale of vast and empty lands. “Mexican Hat, Utah,” a softly picked guitar led song meanders through desert landscapes. “The Burning Car” employs sludgy distortion that builds to a climactic finale. This is a soft spoken record. It doesn’t come out and grab you, but it does leave an impression.

We Left a Note With An Apology is out on Sargent House Records.  

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