The Week in Review: Four New Records to Check Out

Spirits Having Fun – Two (Born Yesterday Records)

Spirits Having Fun are based between New York City and Chicago. Distanced collaboration melds the grey area of genres that the band’s sound lives between. On Two, their sophomore LP, the influence of jazz, math rock, post punk, and so many more genres, blend together in a beautiful melting pot.

The angular composition of a band like Palm can be felt on tracks like “The Leaf Is A Chorus,” while others like “Broken Cloud” pull a little more indie rock appeal. This band is budding with creativity and genre bending power. Two leaves the listener wondering what the band has in store next.

Two is out on Born Yesterday Records.

Meatbodies – 333 (In The Red Records)

Prolific garage rocker Chad Ubovich returns with his band’s third LP, the heaviest, most experimental, and Sabbath inspired to date. Recorded as demos long before the pandemic, these seven tracks were pulled out of retirement to create 333. As a result, the record is loose and raw, truly DIY lo-fi.

“Reach For The Sunn” is pulsating with possibly the most fuzz ever put to tape. “Let Go (333)” is a jangly acoustic track that has psychedelic appeal. Fans of garage rock, punk, and the Grateful Dead will all find something to like here.

333 is out on In The Red Records.

Pearl & The Oysters – Flowerland (Feeltrip Records)

Pearl & The Oysters, the collaboration of French/American duo Joachim Polack and Juliette Davis, is a space age dream pop masterpiece. Flowerland, the group’s third record is their brightest and most vibrant record to date.

Their quirky synthesizers and swagger filled drum machines meld with soft melodies and dreamy lyrics to make this summertime classic. A record filled with optimism and California sunshine; this feels like the perfect summertime playlist. If you want something to jam out to on a desert road trip or a beach vacation it might not get much better than this.

Flowerland is out on Feeltrip Records.

David Grubbs & Ryley Walker – A Tap On The Shoulder (husky pants Records)

Fresh off the release of his last solo record, Course In Fable, Ryley Walker has teamed up with the guitarist David Grubbs whose recent work includes features with Bill Callaghan, Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy, and Matmos to name a few.

A Tap On The Shoulder shows two expert guitarists experimenting with their instrument. “The Madman From Massachusetts In An Empty Bar” is a seven minute ambient jam that builds in chaos. “A Tap On The Shoulder” is a softer more introspective track. Ultimately this record is an experiment and on that pays off.

A Tap On The Shoulder is out on husky pants Records.

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