The Week in Review: Four New Records to Check Out

From Geese and Bad History Month to KUUNATIC and Wine Lips, here is all the new noise you need to check out from this week!

Geese – Projector (Partisan Records)

Projector is the debut record from NYC art rock outfit Geese. Building on the angular guitar based sound of groups like Black Midi and Black Country, New Road, Geese bring an exciting new energy. This band built an underground following through the soft whisper of social media, and this record certainly lives up to the hype.

The opener “Rain Dance” is a pummeling display of syncopated guitars managing to sound somewhere between Squid and Palm. “Low Era” catches a funky groove while “Disco” pulls off a slowly building intensity. Geese are most definitely one of the most exciting bands of the moment so don’t sleep on this record!

Projector is out on Partisan Records.

Find out more about Geese here. 

Bad History Month & Nyxy Nyx – Death Takes A Holiday (Exploding in Sound Records)

Death Takes A Holiday is a split record, but it’s also a collaborative effort. Bad History Month and Nyxy Nyx play off each other, taking inspiration from their respective songwriting processes. With each of their five tracks, both artists create an introspective piece of sometimes noisy sometimes dreamy rock songs.

There is an overarching melancholy tone to this record. It’s haunting beauty and lo-fi, sonic palette is coupled with sometimes heartachingly beautiful lyrics. This is a rare example of a split record that has a clear conceptual theme and sound running across both sides.

Death Takes A Holiday is out on Exploding in Sound Records.

Find out more about Bad History Month and Nyxy Nyx here. 

KUUNATIC – Gate of Kluna (Glitterbeat Records)

KUUNATIC are a totally awe inspiring Japanese trio producing some of the most captivating tribal inspired psychedelic music around. True to their description their instrumentation is sparse, choosing to employ skeletal drums and bass only accompanied by an array of analog synthesizers.

There feels like such a wide array of musical influences on this record. There are moments where you could point towards new wave bands like The Raincoats or The Slits and in the same breath also hear elements of traditional Japanese folk music. This record’s stripped down eerie sound is totally infectious and mesmerizing.

Gate of Kluna is out on Glitterbeat Records.

Find out more about KUUNATIC here. 

Wine Lips – Mushroom Death Sex Bummer Party (Stomp Records)

The title of this record alone should be an indication that this record kicks ass, and a quick listen easily confirms that. Wine Lips, a Toronto-based, freak-psych-garage group, definitely don’t mess around.

This record absolutely rips from start to finish, refusing to let up on the noise for even a second. Fans of bands like King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard or Thee Oh Sees will find a lot to love here. It’s a quick hit of adrenaline. Soup for the soul, as they say.

Mushroom Death Sex Bummer Party is out on Stomp Records.

Find out more about Wine Lips here. 

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