The Week in Review: Four New Records to Check Out

From Ovlov and Eye Flys to SPICE and Converge here is all the new noise from this week!

Ovlov – Buds (Exploding In Sound Records)

Indie-punk fuzz lord favorites Ovlov are back with their third record, and first since 2018. Fans of the group’s previous two efforts will be accustomed to the usual swirl of fuzzed out melodies, but Buds scales back a lot of the distorted noise and tends to focus on intricate songwriting.

It’s a short record, but one that packs a lot of punches, cramming bits of noise and beautiful melodies into every minute. Buds is a grower of a record and one that’s instantly replay able.

Buds is out on Exploding In Sound Records.

Find out more about Ovlov here.

Eye Flys – Exigent Circumstance (Self-Released)

Eye Flys take their name from The Melvins track of the same name, but they also borrow a lot sonically. Their thickly distorted sludginess is hard to match. On this EP the band continues their streak of producing some of the heaviest tunes around.

While the band conjures a lot of nostalgia for the heavy music of the ’90s, particularly grunge and The Melvins, it’s a hell of a lot of fun, and the perfect record to get your kicks out. Don’t miss it!

Exigent Circumstance is self-released.

Find out more about Eye Flys here.

SPICE – A Better Treatment (Dais Records)


For the uninformed SPICE is comprised of Ross Farrar and Jake Massarotti of the long running punk group Ceremony, as well as members of Creative Adult and Sabertooth Zombie. They’re something of a supergroup with a super sound. Last year they released a pandemic record, and this is the follow up EP.

It’s most definitely rooted in punk, but these tracks are more drawn out and expansive. They hold a lot of weight and emotion. It’s post-post-hardcore. A whole other level removed. SPICE is one of the more exciting acts at the moment and this seven-inch is well worth a listen.

A Better Treatment is out on Dais Records.

Find out more about SPICE here.

Converge & Chelsea Wolfe – Bloodmoon: I (Epitaph Records)

For decades, Converge have built a cult status through their punishing east coast hardcore sound. As the brainchild of famed producer Kurt Ballou their music has meandered through many eras, but Bloodmoon: I brings more elements of doom and folk.

Similar to last years collaboration of sludge wizards Thou and dark folk singer Emma Ruth Rundle, the added element of Chelsea Wolfe balances this records hardcore appeals with softer and more introspective moments. This is definitely one of the best efforts from Converge in recent years.

Bloodmoon: 1 is out on Epitaph Records.

Find out more about Converge here.

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