The Week in Review: Four New Records to Check Out

From Deaf Club and thanks for coming to a Kill Rock Stars compilation and DOPE LEMON, here is all the new noise you may have missed from this week.

Deaf Club – Productive Disruption (Three One G)

Productive Disruption is a true powerhouse of a record. The raw mix of hardcore, grind core, and the cacophony of distorted instruments pummels the listener into submission. Unapologetically fast and raw, the average track lasts just over a minute. It’s a pure cathartic release of energy.

If you’re looking for a never ending blistering display of raw energy this is undoubtedly the record for you. You won’t find polished production or squeaky clean defined songs. This is musical brutality at it’s finest.

Productive Disruption is out on Three One G Records.

Find out more about Deaf Club here.

thanks for coming – rachel jr. (Self-Released)

Listeners may be familiar with Rachel Brown as one half of the Brooklyn pop outfit Water From Your Eyes. Rachel takes on the moniker thanks for coming for her first solo release. The record is a beautiful display of indie pop. Heartfelt tunes are coupled with deeply personal lyrics.

Fans of contemporaries like Frankie Cosmos or Lomelda will surely love this release. It’s quirky synthesizers and off-kilter drum machines give the record a lot of character.

rachel jr. is self-released.

Find out more about thanks for coming here.

Various Artists – Stars Rock Kill (Kill Rock Stars)

On the 25th anniversary of the acclaimed self-titled Elliot Smith record the legendary label Kill Rock Stars has compiled a covers record including songs from the Elliot Smith record among many others. The album is performed by a collection of bands off of the Kill Rock Stars roster as well as various artists from the indie underground, including Deerhoof, Mike Watt, and Xiu Xiu.

Deerhoof’s take on Sleater Kinney’s Don’t Talk Like and Mirah’s cover of The Raincoats In Love are highlights of the record. With over 60 tracks, there is an endless amount of music to look through.

Stars Rock Kill is out on Kill Rock Stars.

Find out more about Kill Rock Stars here.

DOPE LEMON – Pink Rose Cadillac (BMG)

DOPE LEMON is the project of Australian native Angus Stone. Over the course of three records the project has struck a chord between a Mac Demarco inspired style of indie mixed with a little nostalgia for sixties soul and rhythm and blues.

Pink Rose Cadillac doesn’t reinvent the wheel for DOPE LEMON or indie music as a whole, but it is completely fun filled record that is executed to perfection. It may be January, but this record just might be the first sign of spring.

Pink Rose Cadillac is out on BGM.

Find out more about DOPE LEMON here.

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