The Week in Review: Four New Records to Check Out

From the angsty pop punk of Mom Jeans to the unsettling and dark debut of London’s caroline, here is all of the new noise you may have missed from this week.

Mom Jeans – Sweet Tooth (Many Hats Endeavor)

On their third record Mom Jeans make a marked shift towards a fuller and brighter sound that really elevates the influence of 2000s pop punk. “Sweet Tooth” is a jangly opener that kicks the record off with a bang. What follows is a poetic display of tightly constructed angsty rockers.

Sweet Tooth is a very tongue and cheek record and it’s a lot of fun to hear the band acting this playfully. That’s not to say they don’t take themselves seriously, but just not too seriously that they walk all over themselves.

Sweet Tooth is out on Many Hats Endeavor.

Find out more about Mom Jeans here.

Superchunk – Wild Loneliness (Merge Records)

Indie veterans Superchunk have returned with on of their best and most inventive records to date. It’s a tonally brighter and more upbeat record than their last few releases, but still rocks seriously hard. The anthemic riffs are here with a triumphant return.

Although the title suggests this is a pandemic record, which it is, it is most certainly not the type of pandemic record you are used to. It doesn’t take time to feel sorry for itself or wallow in loneliness. Wild Loneliness comes out feeling hopeful which is about as good as it gets right now.

Wild Loneliness is out on Merge Records.

Find out more about Superchunk here.

ADULT. – Becoming Undone (Dais Records)


ADULT. explore a number of genres on Becoming Undone. Everything from goth to industrial to electronic and ambient music. It’s a seriously intense combination that delves into some dark territory. The squealing synthesizers and drum machines chug through this record keeping the listener in a constant state of paranoia.

The experience of listening to Becoming Undone is almost indescribable. Something like walking into a warped reality or a nightmarish acid trip inside the world’s scariest night club.

Becoming Undone is out on Dais Records.

Find out more about ADULT. here.

caroline – S/T (Rough Trade Records)

This is the debut for London’s caroline. It’s an often transcendent listen that explores the darker sides of folk music and post-rock. Somewhere between an acoustic Godspeed You Black Emperor or chamber music ensemble covering The Microphones the music is often quite soft, but simultaneously larger than life.

The band are often experimenting both songwriting and the recording process, a combination that adds up to a very unique product. This is a record that evokes a truly strange mood that is not easily found.

caroline is out on Rough Trade Records.

Find out more about caroline here.

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