The Week in Review: Four New Records to Check Out

From the decade-long-in-the-making supergroup effort of Congotronics International to the debut from South London’s best guitar pop group Honeyglaze, here is all of the new noise you may missed from this week.

Congotronics International – Where’s The One? (Crammed Discs)

In the early 2000s, the genre of Congotronics, taking traditional grooves, rhythms, and sounds of afrobeat and applying them to rock instrumentation. Congotronics International emerged out of a tribute album to the genre which brough artists from across a wide spectrum to give their own voice to the newly fashioned genre.

The result is a supergroup whose members include the likes of Matt Mehlan from Skeletons, Juana Molina, and members of Deerhoof, among others. The record, almost a decade in the making, is a unique blend of afrobeat and art rock that’s overflowing with creativity. It’s an almost hour and a half listen, but one that’s definitely worth checking out.

Where’s The One? is out on Crammed Discs.

Find out more about Congotronics International here.

Astrel K – Flickering i (Duophonic)

Flickering i is the debut from Ulrika Spacek member Ryhs Edwards. It shares a lot of similarities to much of the Ulrika Spacek discography, bringing the bubbly sounds of psychadelia to an extreme. Experimentations with analog electronics give a raw tone to this record.

It’s an often-light LP that’s dripping with ’60s influence and playful spirit. Released on Stereolab’s Duophonic label this is a totally adventurous piece of music that’s equally serious as it is breezy.

Flickering i is out on Duophonic.

Find out more about Astrel K here.

Honeyglaze – Honeyglaze (Speedy Wunderground)

On their debut record, Honeyglaze show they might just be the next best group to come out of South London’s ever prolific and growing music scene. Produced and released by Dan Carey this is slightly different record than some might expect. It’s not the angular riffage of Black Midi or the angsty baroque punk of Black Country, New Road.

Strongly rooted in guitar-based pop songs Honeyglaze bring a new and inventive approach to a well travelled genre. This is indie music like you’ve never heard it before. Strong melodies, beautiful compositions, and catchy hooks are all accented and colored by Carey’s producing.

Honeyglaze is out on Speedy Wunderground.

Find out more about Honeyglaze here.

 Kelley Lee Owens – LP.8 (Smalltown Supersound)

Kelley Lee Owens latest effort is a total deconstruction of music. Breaking things down and starting from primal drum machines and building up with cathartic vocals, there is a hypnotic pulse running through this record. LP.8 is about as inventive as electronic music can be.

There are elements of industrial and noise music that weave their way into every track giving this record a really rough edge. While this might be classified as ambient music it’s about as heavy as it comes for the genre.

LP.8 is out on Smalltown Supersound.

Find out more about Kelley Lee Owens here.

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