The Week in Review: Four New Records to Check Out

Alexis Marshall – House of Lull. House of When (Sargent House Records)

House of Lull. House of When is the debut release for Daughters front man Alexis Marshall. It’s a beautiful intersection of noise, industrial, and punk that manages to sound like nothing else. This is the cutting edge of abrasive music. It’s percussively brilliant and lyrically dark. Borrowing from contemporaries such as Lingua Ignota, there are moments of gothic tenderness sprinkled in and around chaotic walls of noise. Marshall is at his best vocally, delivering a passionate performance that is two parts aggression and one part tender. Don’t sleep on this one. Trust me you will regret it.

House of Lull. House of When is out on Sargent House Records.

Upper Wilds – Venus (Thrill Jockey Records)

New York City’s Upper Wilds make love songs… or at least whatever three noise rock punks consider love songs. Despite their sweltering hot and noisy riffs each of the ten tracks on this LP is about love. “Love Song #2” is about love in the time of covid, telling the story of vocalist Dan Friel’s cousin trucking in the midst of a pandemic while leaving a family behind. “Love Song #7” sings of astronauts Jan Davis and Mark Lee, a couple who were secretly married before a joint mission. All the while backed by souped up punk instrumentals, it’s a clash of worlds bringing the sweet and tender lyrically, and the rough and fast musically.

Venus is out on Thrill Jockey Records.

Anika – Change (Sacred Bones Records)

Eleven years after the release of her cult classic self-titled debut Anika returns with her sophomore release. Change serves as an update to the lo-fi dub sound cultivated on her previous effort, not fearing to use both heavy and stark instrumentation. It’s also Anika’s first release of completely original music which stands as a big creative leap. Once again, this record is lyrically bold and empowering. The idea that we as people can change for the better is a constant theme running through the LP. Change shows Anika’s evolution as an artist and demonstrates the importance of continuing to push boundaries.

Change is out on Sacred Bones Records.

Hussy – Hussy EP (Rock Hag)

Sometimes I think we all get tired of lo-fi bedroom pop releases, but that being said this EP feels like the freshest take on the genre. A one-woman band Hussy is the soundtrack to somber late nights. Fluttering synths and soft piano. Reverb laden guitar and echoing vocals. Highlight track “I Tried” is a triumphant moment that has a surprisingly heavy chorus. If you’re looking for some melancholy indie music it won’t get much better than this.

Hussy is out on Rock Hag.

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