The Week in Review: Four New Records to Check Out

Quicksand – Distant Populations (Epitaph Records)

The legendary, New York City, post-hardcore outfit released just one record in their prime, 1993’s Slip. The record went on to become a cult classic among punk and hardcore fans alike. In 2017 the band reformed to release their follow up, Interiors, which left a little to be desired. Now, once again the band has come together to release the third album in their discography.

Distant Populations is the follow up record fans waited for. Its thick, almost shoegaze inspired sound makes for a record more muscular and intense than its predecessors. It’s like the band picked up where they left off, never skipping a beat. This one is sure to please fans young and old, and probably pick up a few new ones along the way.

Distant Populations is out on Epitaph Records.

Wednesday – Twin Plagues (Orindal Records)

Across 12 scorching tracks the latest release from Asheville group Wednesday is an electric record from start to finish. Deeply distorted yet melodic waves of sound are what defines this LP. The influence of 90s alternative music is very apparent, with the recognizable sounds of bands like Duster and Pavement.

Wednesday takes those sounds as a starting base, revamps them into modern indie rock, and turns the volume knob to 11. It’s a compelling record to say the least. Touching base on just about every emotion from sorrow to anger to just about everything between, fans of almost any genre can find something to like on this record.

Twin Plagues is out on Orindal Records.

A Great Big Pile of Leaves – Pono (Topshelf Records)

A Great Big Pile of Leaves are a Brooklyn-based indie rock that produce an infectious sound that coaxes childhood memories from the listener. Pono is an atmospheric record that pairs catchy tunes with wistful nostalgia. The often bright and shimmering guitars give way to more explosive moments, which provides a much needed counterbalance on this record.

The track “Halloween” shows the band firing on all cylinders, being one of the group’s tightest tunes of all time. “Kitchen Concert” reminisces on a childhood memory of being kept awake by a washing machine while “Locus of Control” muses on taking on more responsibility while growing older. This is a soft spoken and wistful record that never fails to be catchy.

Pono is out on Topshelf Records.

Alexalone – Alexaloneworld (Polyvinyl Records)

Alex Peterson is a regular in the indie scene having been a touring member of both Hovvdy and Lomelda. Alexaloneworld is his sophomore LP and truly his most engaging, eclectic, and psychedelic. The opening track “Electric Sickness” introduces the record with a deep almost krautrock-esque repeating line.

This is a highly saturated record that combines dense instrumentation with unrestrained noise while all the while being extremely melodic. It’s a record meant for escape. Something to put on at the end of a hard day. Peterson’s vocals and lyrics are endearing across the album. Fans of spacy psychedelic indie music will fall in love with this record.

Alexaloneworld is out on Polyvinyl Records.

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