The Week in Review: Four New Records to Check Out

Tropical Fuck Storm – Deep States (Joyful Noise Recordings)

Gareth Liddiard is veteran member of the Melbourne punk scene, stemming from his previous outfit The Drones. Tropical Fuck Storm, his most recent project, combines jangly, psychedelic riffs with elements of noise rock and punk to create a hallucinogenic realm of rock ‘n’ roll weirdness.

Deep States is quite possibly the group’s most menacing and angular release to date. Lyrically Liddiard dives deep into the world of conspiracy theories and political misinformation culminated in the utterly hilarious line “There’s too much information / I can’t get an erection until after the election.” Tropical Fuck Storm are one of Australia’s finest. Don’t sleep on this release!

Deep States is out on Joyful Noise Recordings.

Wolves In The Throne Room – Primordial Arcana (Relapse Records)

Legendary Pacific Northwest black metal wizards Wolves In The Throne Room have returned with their latest, and most pummeling, record in recent years. The opening track “Mountain Magick” finds the band in classic form with towering and spacy riffage. Elements of pagan rituals and rustic folk sounds make this something of a unique release for the band.

Recent releases from the group like Thrice Woven and Celestite felt a little lacking, like the band was stuck in a rut, but Primordial Arcana manages to create the dark atmosphere and sound that fans have come to associate with the band. Truly one of their better releases in the last decade.

Primordial Arcana is out on Relapse Records.

L.A. Exes – Get Some (Self Released)

L.A. Exes are a southern California jangly surf-pop group. Something like a queer- and femme-driven alternative to The Beach Boys, their songs are completely infectious. Catchy pop melodies and well-rehearsed vocal harmonies make this record totally irresistible.

“Skinny Dipping” is the type of summertime jam that gets you dancing on the beach. “Temporary Goodbye” is as close as you’ll see a modern indie band sounding like early era Beatles. This is a really fun record. A good one to jam out to in the car or at the beach.

Get Some is self-released.

Pile – Songs Known Together, Alone (Exploding in Sound Records)

Pile, the project of Rick Maguire, is a long time Boston indie rock and punk band. For the past decade and a half Maguire has cultivated an utterly infectious sound and a die hard fanbase. Songs Known Together takes fifteen tracks from across Pile’s wide discography and reimagines them in a new light.

The tracks are intimate. Gone are the fuzzed-out bass and pummeling guitars you might associate with the band. Most of what you’ll find on this record are guitars, synthesizers, piano, and Maguire’s soft voice. Fans will surely fall in love with these reinvented versions, and unfamiliar listeners might find this record as a good starting point to a large discography.

Songs Known Together, Alone is out on Exploding in Sound Records.

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