The Week in Review: Four New Releases to Check Out

Undo K From Hot – G.A.S Get A Star (Self Released)

Zach Hill of Hella, Death Grips, and many more projects teams up with frequent collaborators Nick Reinhart of Tera Melos and Robby Moncrieff of The Advantage, for this release. In 2019 Death Grips released a single entitled “Gmail and the Restraining Orders,” a 30-minute-long track that proved to be the group’s most frenetic, glitchy, and wild release to date.

Even as one of the most cutting-edge tracks for an extremely boundary pushing band, it doesn’t hold up to the completely unrestrained mad house that is G.A.S Get A Star. The band push the limits of music and then some taking the listener through a tour of the digital underworld of freak noise. An unrelenting record that pounds the ear drums with bit synthesizers and Hill’s always frenzied drums. Yet another example of Hill’s ingenious creativity and malleability as an artist.

G.A.S Get A Star is self-released.

Gnod – Easy To Build, Hard To Destroy (Rocket Recordings)

Gnod are a difficult group to pin down, as they have an ever-evolving sound that has touched on elements of no-wave, sludge rock, post-punk, and a constantly rotating line up of musicians from many different backgrounds. On Easy To Build, Hard To Destroy, the group take their first foray into post rock.

Eight tracks spanning close to an hour and a half run time slowly gravitate their way into noisy, lo-fi beauty. This is a unique record in the Gnod discography. It’s their softest and least aggressive approach, but an LP that still demands attention. It’s dripping in reverb and fuzzy delay while still finding a way to weave pummeling, heavy riffs into the mix. Reminiscent of mid-to-late-’80s era Swans or the more experimental side of The Velvet Underground, Gnod make a unique impression on the sludgy, post-rock genre.

Easy To Build, Hard To Destroy is out on Rocket Recordings.  

MAN ON MAN – MAN ON MAN (Big Scary Monsters)

Roddy Bottum of Faith No More teams up with boyfriend Joey Holman to explore their own relationship, love, romance, and intimacy in the modern world. Rarely are records this transparent and carefree, but it’s that attitude that paints such a personal portrait of the pair’s lives.

Musically, this is a fun record. Catchy melodies and simple instrumentation are the go to on this LP, and it works beautifully. This is also a very joyful record, a record of celebration. Tracks like “It’s So Fun (To Be Gay)” feel like moments of triumph. M.O.M are totally authentic, and in this day and age that feels like something to celebrate.

MAN ON MAN is out on Big Scary Monsters.

Squid – Bright Green Field (Warp Records)

The long awaited debut from post-punk outfit Squid has finally arrived and might I say it is magnificent. Bright Green Field proves to be a more meticulously choreographed approach to the very Talking Heads style of punk the band plays. A large ensemble of instrumentation including spacy, whirring synthesizers and the eccentric voice of Martha Skye Murphy, come together on this LP. The record is an exhilarating journey of dynamics with the pinnacle of the record arriving on the track “Narrator” which ends in a climactic wall of noise and Murphy’s voice howling in the background.

A track like “Documentary Filmmaker” showcases a softer side of the band. The record transcends multiple genres, traversing from elements of Krautrock to art rock and even moments of free jazz. Bright Green Field is a wild and thrilling release showcasing some of the most experimental and boundary pushing punk music coming out of the U.K.

Bright Green Field is out on Warp Records.

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