Top 10 Tapes We Jammed For Our Summer Tour with The Sword

The boys in American Sharks gave us a glimpse into what they were listening to on their tour with The Sword. Check out the top 10 tapes below. They also have their debut album coming out on September 17th – add it to your playlist here.

The Key Bumps - Cool Piss - split cover

10. Key Bumpz/Cool Piss – Split

Badass tape by a couple of Houston locals. Key Bumpz really bring it when you feel like getting a little scummy.







Electric Light Orchestra - Discovery cover

9. Electric Light Orchestra – Discovery

We are all huge ELO fans. While Discovery definitely isn’t our favorite album, it’s got the jams to get us there.








Todd Rundgren - Utopia cover

8. Todd Rundgren – Utopia

Nick Cornetti’s fave. He flipped when he bought this one. Now we just need to get A Wizard A True Star and we’ll be all right!








Black Sabbath - Paranoid cover

7. Black Sabbath – Paranoid









David Bowie - Changes (Greatest Hits) cover

6. David Bowie – Changes (Greatest Hits)

Found this beauty. All the classics on one tape. All the hits from Space Oddity to China Girl. A real no-brainer.








The Kinks - State Of Confusion cover

5. The Kinks – State Of Confusion

By the way, The Kinks released a couple badass 80’s records. WE KNOW, RIGHT?!?!







Michael Jackson - Thriller cover

4. Michael Jackson – Thriller

This seemed to be a real go-to on long drives. Gotta listen to both sides of this classic.








Boston self titled cover

3. Boston – Boston

Wish I could just say “duh” to this one too. If you are building a road tape collection and Boston isn’t sitting in there, you’re fucking up big time!








Natural Child - 1971 cover

2. Natural Child – 1971

What can we say, this is an amazing road tape. Chill enough to just put on and leave on; rock n’ roll enough that you don’t fall asleep. Every song on this record is great. I think one day we let it play over and over for a whole eight hour drive.







Madonna - Like A Virgin cover

1. Madonna – Like A Virgin

It seems like every night of this tour was a party and no party is complete without Madonna’s Like A Virgin. Nothing better than a bunch of drunk sweaty dudes chillin’ in a parking lot after a rock n’ roll show with the van doors open jamming Madonna… yeah we know.

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