“Top 5 New Additions To My Studio” – By Kurt Ballou of GodCity Studio

Kurt Ballou is the man behind a long list of albums, producing records in his very own GodCity Studio (he’s also the guitarist for Converge). Kurt recently sent us a list of the top 5 new additions to his studio. Here they are in no particular order…

1. AEA N22 ribbon mic

Awesome mic for close mic’ing a guitar amp. I used to combine two or more mics per amp. With the N22, I don’t need to do that anymore.

2. Blackstar Artisan 30 2×12 combo

I love the amp, but I REALLY love the cabinet. Everything sounds natural and open, but with a focus to the midrange that I just can’t get from a 4×12.

3. Framus AK1974 guitar with Bare Knuckle pickups

The new “secret weapon” studio guitar. Any time there’s a difficult guitar part to be played, this thing makes it easier.

4. Radial JD7 splitter

An invaluable tool for eliminating ground, polarity, and signal loss when splitting a guitar or bass signal between multiple amps/DIs.

5. sE RN17 SDC mic pair

Finally an overhead sound I’m happy with!

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