Tour Diary #2: Cage The Gods Handle Traffic in Stoke and Death Threats from Models

We’re pleased to bring your the Cage The Gods tour diary! The band will release their new full-length album ‘Badlands’ via The End Records on March 25th. The first tour dairy entry is brought to you by vocalist/guitarist Peter Comerford.

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Day 3 w/ drummer Colin Jones

So Day 3 is now in the hands of me (Colin) so a nice lay in for me and the boys after an incredible sold out show in Nottingham.

The day usually starts with us just stumbling into the van and getting to the next venue and finding something to eat on the way, but today our hotel was on top of a Harvester, a nice big family breakfast together sorted us out for the day… off to Stoke we go.

Stoke had us in the palm of their hand with the one way systems and road work traffic lights taking us over an hour for a five minute journey. After, I apparently directed Dad (Jam) the wrong way… Pfft, not to mention the rain in Stoke as we loaded in was a nice added touch.

After throwing all of his picks out to his adoring fans, Mitch had left himself with none, so a trip to the awesome people at Academy Sound music shop was in order so an hour later we have tried out a few guitars, a couple of drum kits, and annoying the staff with our best rendition of ‘Smoke On The Water’ and ‘Enter Sandman’ right in front of a sign that read “Anyone found to be playing ‘Smoke on the Water,’ ‘Enter Sandman,’ ‘Stairway To Heaven’ will be asked to leave the shop.”

Soon stage time is upon us everyone is warmed up and ready to see what Stoke has in store for us. The show was great despite having to cut a song short due to band’s overrunning, but we were definitely “Stoked” to be in Stoke!


Day 4/5 w/ bassist Mitch Witham

Urgh… what happened last night!?

Just been informed that I tried to instigate a threesome again last night… seems to be a recurring theme for me when I’m pissed! So yeah, may have got a little messy/out of hand… but then London shows always are! Plus no carbs + JD and Vodka = trashed 6ft7 Welshman!

At least I’m alive… no jokes, like days before tour I received quite a few death threats from a glamour model I was dating/penetrating.Yeah it was a bad break up, so I was kind of half expecting to be taken out last night by a sniper or bottle or cyanide soaked underwear. Luckily the only thing killing me is this hangover!

The show though was a good one all things considered! Peter was struggling a bit with his voice as he’s come down with a bit of a throat infection. His voice still sounded like pure velvet being poured down your ear balls though and he managed to power through and pull it off so fair play to him! My mic stand kept deciding to collapse which quickly became quite a thorn in my balls! But other than that I feel it was a good performance by us with a lot of energy. Jam was busting out his signature moves… seriously Jagger ain’t got shit on him. He should totally start up a master class on Guitar Hero stage moves!

Colin was once again like Animal from the Muppets on speed. I swear if we could somehow harness that dudes energy when he gets behind that kit we could quite possibly power the majority of the UK! So yeah, good show! We’re now currently in the van heading to Wolverhampton! Should be another good one! Right… I’m gunna return to battling this Olympic hangover!

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Remaining Tour Dates:
Feb 11 – Glasgow – King Tuts
Feb 13 – Cardiff – Clwb Ifor Bach
Feb 14 – Bristol – Thekla

About Cage The Gods:

Cage The Gods - Badlands cover

Cage The Gods are new and exciting; they are British and young; they are cut from the same song writing die that has produced some of the biggest selling and longest lasting rock acts of a bygone era and who still manage to dominate a space in contemporary music culture today – The Rolling Stones, AC/DC, Led Zeppelin, Free, Boston, The Black Crowes, Def Leppard, Bon Jovi… the list, like the careers of the aforementioned is endless and lasting.

Showcasing accomplished musicianship and well-crafted songs with a strong sense of modernity and relevance, the members of Cage The Gods share a common belief that above all else the songs and live performance should speak loudest. They revel on stage and perform with an explosive high-energy that exudes maturity and understanding of their craft well beyond their tender years.

So how did a motley crew of young rockers from the four corners of the British Isles manage to jockey themselves into such an enviable position and in such a short space of time? [read more]

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