Tour Diary #2: Secret Stuff on their Fall 2016 Tour

Secret Stuff has embarked on a US tour supporting their recent split with Sundressed (stream below), which sees the band heading up and down the eastern United States traveling to & from The Fest in Gainesville, FL. We’ve teamed up with the band to give you a glimpse into their tour life. Check out the second tour entry below. Past entries can be seen here.


On October 13th tour began. I loaded up my 4runner with gear, too much merch, and a bag of clothes and began the modest 3 hour drive to Louisville to meet up with Hodera for the first gig. The show was great simply because I got to see some of my best friends in The Foxery and dust the cobwebs off of my fingers and vocal chords that had accumulated over the past month of disuse.

The next morning I woke up and showered and climbed into “Megan”, Hodera’s name for their big grey van which is more roomy and spacious than anything I, accustomed to touring in my own small SUV, have experienced before. They tour quite a bit as well and have done so many things to the van to make it feel more like home. There’s a bunk the size of a double bed that sits on top of the sizeable trunk where we managed to fit everyone’s things with the precision of world class Tetris players, there’s a pantry where they keep food that sits on a large shelf above the front two seats, there are lights that they wired themselves that run all throughout the van and operate on independent switches, and all other manner of little modifications that make life on the road that much easier.

The second show of tour was in Muncie, IN; a small town a little bit outside of Indianapolis. My great friend Lily Groot who does all of the art for Secret Stuff threw the show for us and it was incredible. A packed living room full with a diverse crowd. We stayed up until 3 or 4 in the morning making grilled cheeses and watching the Eric Andre show with everyone who lived at the house, who were incredibly kind individuals who even offered up their own beds for us to sleep in; a kindness that my back is very grateful for. The next day we drove to Athens, OH, where I had never played before. The show was a classic packed basement show in a small college town, full of kind people who just love to party.

After Athens we headed to Akron, a town with what is probably my favorite DIY scene in the whole country. The show was at Fool Mansion, one of many incredible house venues in the city. I have never played a show in Akron that has left me feeling anything less than 100% validated in my choice to be involved in DIY music. The people there are so genuine in their love for music and for each other that you cannot help but be infected by their joy. The next day we headed to Detroit where I was reunited with even more great friends in Mover Shaker. After the show we headed to a Coney Island where I got to have some of my Michigan favorites: Boston Coolers, Bosco Sticks, and Hamis. Damn do I love food. The next day we headed to Grand Rapids to play an awesome spot called The Upper Room. The venue is part of a church there called Take Hold Church which in my opinion does the absolute best job of any Christian organization at running a DIY venue. They never push their views on their performers or attendees and open their doors to all who would come, an admirable example of the Christian virtue of love for all.

Today we are driving to Chicago, a city I adore, to play a show at Evolution Music. I know that when we arrive we’ll be recieved by even more good friends and the fact that I can say that for practically every date of this tour is immensely comforting and encouraging.

Every tour that I go on I grow more and more grateful for the relationships that I have found in DIY, I have more good friends on the road than I do in my own city and I’m okay with that.

I am lucky beyond belief.

Michael Pfohl
Secret Stuff

Secret Stuff Tour Dates with Hodera:
10/21 – Springfield, MO – Front of House Lounge
10/22 – St. Louis, MO – Woopsie Fest
10/23 – Memphis, TN – 831 South Cooper
10/24 – Nashville, TN – The End
10/25 – Atlanta, GA – The Masquerade
10/27 – St Augustine, FL – Nobby’s
10/28 – FEST 15  Tickets *
10/29 – FEST 15 *
10/30 – FEST 15 *
10/31 – Orlando, FL – New Freedom Studios *
11/1 – Charlotte, NC – The Odd Room *
11/2 – Asheville, NC – Secret Show *
11/3 – Blacksburg, VA – The Litterbox *
11/4 – Washington, DC – TBA
11/5 – Philadelphia, PA – Creep Records
11/6 – New Brunswick, NJ – Random House Publishing
11/7 – Brooklyn, NY – Gold Sounds
11/8 – Lowell, MA – Uncharted Gallery
11/9 – Westfield, MA – Shenanigan’s
11/10 – Ottawa, ON – Live on Elgin
11/11 – Toronto, ON – Smiling Buddha
11/12 – Fredonia, NY – Spirit Brew
11/13 – Pittsburgh, PA – Hambone’s

* with Vasudeva



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