Tour Diary: A Day in the Life of NOBRO on Tour

Montreal feminist punks NOBRO launched their latest album Set Your Pussy Free in October on Dine Alone Records. The band wanted us to see a day in their life on tour as they stopped by Austin, Texas for SXSW. Check out the pictures and videos from their tour diary!

  1. First we started the day off with BBQ for breakfast at Franklin’s with some of our partners!
  2. LOOK AT THIS MEAT!! We were obsessed with it!
  3. It wouldn’t be a day in the life of NOBRO if we didn’t stop to pet at least one animal. Please meet Brisket Boy.
  4. We decided to then take a little adventure to Allen’s Boots! This is us walking into the store for the first time!
  5. Should Sarah have bought these shoes?
  6. What about this shirt for Lisandre? We were in love with them both!
  7. Our manager made us do a fashion show to prove we are the most badass band in the west. What do you think of our cowgirl fits?
  8. We then headed to our first showcase of the day at SOHO House. We were given some incredible spicy margs; Kathryn had to shout them out!
  9. They didn’t have a keyboard stand so we had to make do with what they had. Please note the serving tray stand we used as a makeshift piano stand.
  10. Here’s us screaming our punk music while a bunch of rich people sat calmly sipping their lattes and working on their laptops!
  11. Post-show we got some more delish drinks, and it was time to start making jokes.
  12. We screenshotted a photo of our manager and made it our screensaver to troll her! We love a good laugh.
  13. Karo’s classic selfie game was going strong.
  14. Look how siiiick we look sending this selfie to our manager we adore!
  15. Then it was time to haul our gear back to one of our momager’s rooms until the next showcase. Definitely the most difficult part of SXSW.
  16. We then took some naps and pushed the showcase on our IG stories so all our fans were in the loop!
  17. Arriving at the venue at 12:30 a.m., we loaded into the world’s smallest stage!
  18. Lisandre showed off her incredible balance skills by not falling the entire set!
  19. We shredded as hard as ever during our set, especially during “Let’s Do Drugs”!
  20. Finally ended the day and SXSW with a classic group pic! A fucking great time and showcase!! That’s a wrap on a day in the life of NOBRO on the road!

You can listen to Set Your Pussy Free here. Follow NOBRO on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok for future updates.

All images courtesy of NOBRO

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