Tour Diary: Barren Womb In Norway

March 6th – Gimse – Trøndertun

It’s been four months since our last show, so this should prove a nice opportunity to brush the rust off our shoulders. Trøndertun is a folk high school just a short ways outside of Trondheim where the students live in dormitories, which is great because then they can’t actually leave if we suck. We’ve played here a couple of times before though and it’s always been a blast. This time was no different. Hot damn it feels good to play live again!

March 14th – Trondheim – Blæst

Hometown shows are both a blessing and a curse. Although I love playing in front of friends, I get nervous to the point of shaking like a leaf. My initial impulse to deal with this is to consume copious amounts of alcohol, but if I drink too much the show will suffer. It’s like walking a tightrope with my hands full of first world problems.

We feel pretty fortunate to be able to have our release party at Blæst, one of our favorite clubs in Trondheim. After two great sets from our buddies in Mørkemakt and Wolves Like Us, our 50 minutes of stage time goes by without too many bumps in the road. I rarely remember much from the good shows and since I can recall almost nothing from this one, it must have been alright.

March 15th – Oslo – Blitz

Early to bed and early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy and boring! That’s why we go to bed late and still get up at the crack of dawn. After 3-4 hours of sleep we are safely in the car and on our merry way to Oslo. Luckily for us and everybody else on the roads between Trondheim and Oslo on this fine Saturday, Jon, a good friend of ours, has signed up as the designated driver for the trip.

Blitz is Oslo’s autonomous house located almost in the heart of the city. Awesome place packed full of good people. We get to share the stage with Hymn, Tri-Function Million and Anti Social Rejects, all killer bands well worth checking out. Our show is tons of fun as well and after a night on the town, I end up sleeping straight on the floor in a nearby squat. My back has never felt better.

March 20th – Røros – Ungdommens Hus

As often as possible we set sail for Røros and Ungdommens Hus. First of all, it’s all ages, which is great. Secondly, kids actually show up and there’s always a good time to be had. We have Mørkemakt with us and I get to step in on bass for them. Two sets in one night, not bad at all.

March 21st – Bodø – Gimle

I meet up with Timo at his place for a quick morning beer before we head to the airport. We have to fly by Oslo to get to Bodø which kind of sucks, but hey, the tickets were cheap at least.

After we’ve settled in at Gimle and had something to eat, we get treated to a beautiful set from Ayil. Yet another awesome band! There’s no shortage of those on this tour, I’ll tell you that much. Our set feels nice and tight as well, like a mosquito’s asshole. When our gear is packed and the merch is sold we order some junk food at a local store, take a midnight sauna at the hotel and go straight to sleep.

Barren Womb

March 22nd – Tromsø – Bastard

Far up north in Norway lies the magical land of Tromsø, a place that time forgot, where polar bears still walk the streets and two separate suns hang in the sky, both the regular and midnight kind. They also have a kick ass rock club called Bastard (that means bastard in English), the place we are playing this evening with our good friends Jabba and Reptile Master. They are both on fire and the venue is sold out! Our set is quite sloppy punk, but people dig on it nonetheless. Afterwards we hang out with a wizard, and on our way to catch some shut eye Rolf from Jabba and us eat candy straight from a highway.

March 27th – Stavanger – Metropolis

Time has now come to try our luck in western Norway. Our recent trip up north far exceeded our expectations, so we have our hopes up for another great weekend. Not much goes according to plan though: Timo pukes a couple of times pre-show because he’s hung over from the night before and almost no people show up to the gig. Oh well, can’t win ’em all!

March 28th – Bergen – Folkens

Off we go to Bergen and the last date of the tour. The show is set up and promoted by the amazing Bergen D.I.Y. crew, which pretty much never disappoint. After dinner, consisting of a falafel roll with extra hot sauce and extra jalapeños, we head on over to the venue and watch Shakanaka play some lovely punk rock. A lot of people are there and we end the tour on a high note with a great, sweaty set. We continue the good times in a bar close to the venue, until I get thrown out for sleeping. I consume my second falafel roll with extra hot sauce and extra jalapeños (which I sorely regret eating the next day) and hit the hay.

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