Tour Diary #1: Cage The Gods kick off their tour in Norwich

We’re pleased to bring your the Cage The Gods tour diary! The band will release their new full-length album ‘Badlands’ via The End Records on March 25th. The first tour dairy entry is brought to you by vocalist/guitarist Peter Comerford.

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Day 1 & 2 – Norwich / Nottingham

Hey Peter here from Cage The Gods, I’m the one up the front usually screaming my head off. We’re back after a cold Christmas fueled by food and beer for our first shows of 2014.

It all kicked off last night in Norwich, a cool little town in rural England. We’re out supporting a cool young rock band called The Treatment (check em’ out). We’re excited to be back on the road again, the buzz around the venue was cool and the crowd were great. As our bassist Mitch [Witham] put it “we smashed the shit out of it”… what ever that means… I had a good time!

I find the trick to surviving the long hikes from venue to venue is a good road crew. Let me tell you a bit about our current road crew… firstly we got Daddy Jam (guitar), he’s looking after TM duties and moonlighting as our driver (being the only one old enough to be insured on our van). Jam likes to have more than a few whiskeys back at the hotels and have long chats late into night, very like how you would expect pyjama parties might go between girl friends…

Colin (drums) – The comedian, every crew needs one. Has the uncanny ability to take the simplest of sentences between friends and turn it into a dick joke.

Craig/Silent Bob (our sound man) is our resident “If you could never see tits or fanny again… what would it be?” guy. He’s the question master. “Greatest album ever?… but with every member still alive today.” Verdict is still out for me.

Mitch (bass). The gentle giant. Mitch is never short of a good story, he somehow manages to get himself into some of the most outrageous/funny/fucked up situations that are sadly unrepeatable here. He’s currently trying out a strict carb free diet… yep… I’ll keep you updated on that.

We also have a new addition to the crew at the moment, Ash, he’s a video media student out with us for the first week to capture most of the behind the scenes magic that happens…

With one show down, we’re in Nottingham tonight, just finished soundcheck. Our legs are well stretched… come down and check out a show. – Peter  |  |

About Cage The Gods:

Cage The Gods - Badlands cover

Cage The Gods are new and exciting; they are British and young; they are cut from the same song writing die that has produced some of the biggest selling and longest lasting rock acts of a bygone era and who still manage to dominate a space in contemporary music culture today – The Rolling Stones, AC/DC, Led Zeppelin, Free, Boston, The Black Crowes, Def Leppard, Bon Jovi… the list, like the careers of the aforementioned is endless and lasting.

Showcasing accomplished musicianship and well-crafted songs with a strong sense of modernity and relevance, the members of Cage The Gods share a common belief that above all else the songs and live performance should speak loudest. They revel on stage and perform with an explosive high-energy that exudes maturity and understanding of their craft well beyond their tender years.

So how did a motley crew of young rockers from the four corners of the British Isles manage to jockey themselves into such an enviable position and in such a short space of time? [read more]

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