Tour Journal #1: Moon Tooth On The Road Again

Moon Tooth is on tour in the U.S. & Canada with Thank You Scientist & The Tea Club from December 1st – 18th. Each member will be contributing separately to this photo journal for New Noise Magazine. Kicking things off with a little introduction entry about what it’s like making the transition from “home life” back to “road life” is lead vocalist John Carbone:

Tour Journal #1

It’s been about a month since Moon Tooth’s last tour with Toothgrinder and Auras. In that time we’ve been working on new material, with more than a few songs coming together quite well. But those are going to have to wait. In three days, we hit the road with the amazing talents of Thank You Scientist and The Tea Club.

There’s always something interesting that happens a few days before a tour. To understand it, you have to understand what coming home from tour is like or at least what it’s like for us. Seeing sorely missed friends, family and especially girlfriends is always welcome. That’s the good part. Sure, better hygiene, actual beds and a diet that doesn’t consist primarily of gas station food are perks, but who needs ‘em? Speaking for myself, I can absolutely attest to how quickly the buzz of post-tour socializing fades. It’s been two years since my last committed relationship and I’ve been sleeping on floors since I moved out of my last apartment back in May.  Being a touring musician is the partial cause of the former and the central of the latter. So you can imagine how someone like me isn’t exactly thrilled to be “home” for extended periods of time.

It’s hard to say if patience or temper goes first, but they both go quick. Three days home and regular rush hour traffic leaves you disgusted with humanity. You abuse the snooze button, making you late for work every day because you simply cannot muster any fucks to give.  Your feelings sink with the Sun. Because night time means another day has passed without your true passion. Going to sleep feels more like giving up than getting rest. Waking up feels more like putting on someone else’s life rather than putting on work clothes. Yes I know, very dramatic, very bleak. Of course, home life’s not so bad.  I’ve got food, shelter, clothing. Shared time with loved ones, recreation and of course writing and recording music. There’s laughs, thrills and romance. I’m not struggling to survive. It’s just that when you spend prolonged periods of time away from what you love most, everything else is a little less sweet.

I miss when you first notice the pale giants through the haze of miles in the distance. Sometimes they’re famous cities you’ve never been to. Sometimes they’re mountain ranges you grew up reading about. I miss arriving. Stepping out into a new city or region for the first time. Hearing different accents, seeing different habits. Drinking in as much local culture as you can in one night. I miss the venues. The dirty floors, the colored lights. The percussion of bands loading heavy equipment in. The Audience. Giving familiar crowds what they came to see and winning the new ones over. I miss the adrenaline. I miss the sweat. The injuries, the gift of pain earned while striking awe. The post-show adventures, sometimes joyous, sometimes terrifying. The exhausted, fulfilled sleep brought on by a day truly lived.

So now we’re three days away from the next tour and the same old things are happening. I’m forgetting where I put things. I find myself in rooms with no memory of why I walked in. I miss parts of conversations and entirely forget ones from days ago. Whatever I hear is nearly drowned out by the sound of an eager, hungry voice in my head. It says only one word. “Soon.”


John & Ray demoing new songs at Westfall Recording Co.


The stronger the coffee, the better the riff…


Our friend Paul Motisi getting material for the cover of a new release we are excited to announce next month!


John looking up pictures of that evil baby-fucker guy from Lostprophets.


Nick showing off his brand new custom painted Vigier GV Rock and his inability to match socks.  The guitar’s colors are taken straight from the cover art of Moon Tooth’s latest full-length ‘Chromaparagon’.


Wrapping shirts for tour…


Merch supply!


Vin’s pretty, pretty, pretty good new custom picks from InTune…




Vincent trying out some new toys…


Our friend Joe Sanders built Nick a new 3 Lace pedal looper and miraculously made it fit on his board. Thanks Joe! <3



We should be a little more well-rested on this journey thanks to our drummer Ray’s ingenuity. Just don’t stop short dude!

Check back in a few days for our first update from the road!  Here’s all of the upcoming dates with Thank You Scientist & The Tea Club:

Tour Dates:
Dec 1 – New Haven, CT // Spaceland

Dec 2 – Boston, MA // Great Scott
Dec 3 – Philadelphia, PA // Underground Arts
Dec 4 – Washington, DC // DC9
Dec 6 – Orlando, FL // Backbooth
Dec 7 – Atlanta, GA // Purgatory
Dec 8 – Nashville, TN // High Watt
Dec 9 – Columbus, OH // Rumba
Dec 10 – Chicago, IL  // The Beat Kitchen
Dec 11 – Minneapolis, MN // 7th Street Entry
Dec 13 – Grand Rapids, MI  // Pyramid Scheme
Dec 14 – Cleveland, OH // Mahall’s
Dec 15 – Toronto, ON // Hard Luck
Dec 16 – Montreal, QC // Ritz
Dec 17 – Brooklyn, NY // Knitting Factory
Dec 18 – Asbury Park, NJ // House of Independents

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