Tour Journal: Not On Tour On Their “Bad Habits” 2015 European Tour

Not On Tour



Day 0 – “Is he strapping on a gun in the middle of the subway??”

We arrived a day earlier to Prague, to meet up and practice. It was the hottest summer in history and the apartment we were staying at, was on the 6th floor, no elevator, no Wi-Fi and no AC. Good luck! For some reason they had 2 handguns, a grenade and a few switchblades just sitting there in the living room. To be honest, it was a very cool punk rockers apartment with everything we really needed so cant really complain…yet we do.

As were trying to recall our memories from that day, we realized that on our way to the practice room (no time for sightseeing), we passed by the park and watched a half naked homeless guy jerking off, beautiful close up view. The way back to the apartment wasn’t any less mesmerizing. We were waiting for our train holding the fan we took to keep us breathing in the sweatiest room on earth, and managed to watch a guy on the train station staircase taking off his so called “wifebeater” and calmly strapping on 2 handguns. And now were ready for a Hardcore music fest.

Prague_2 Gangsters_in_Prague

Day 1- Fluff Fest- Vegan burgers and hardcore kids.

We had a sunny afternoon show in a big white tent, filled with lovely people dancing like crazy, running on stage. New faces staying through the whole set smiling, what a great start for the tour! We stayed through the whole day to watch other bands and of course, 7Seconds that were headlining that night. The sound was definitely not the best, but it didn’t matter to anyone standing in the big crowd, reminiscing on the first time they heard “Young until I die” and fell in love. We met Kevin and Steve from 7Seconds in line for the vegan burgers, said Hi and went right back to the hotel we booked for the night, cozy rooms with perfectly working showers, comfortable beds and a beautiful view of the trucks loading in and out of the factory in front our building. Basically everything a band needs. Well, this and a van, backline, and a handful of luck.


Day 2- Stein Am Rein, Switzerland- “Can we move here?”

We loaded our shit in the van, rolled our last joint and headed to Switzerland- the land of cheese, milk chocolates and large bank accounts. We stopped on the way at a random gas station to piss/poop/fart and have our second breakfast (can’t call this one lunch), it was 3 weird looking spreads put into a white bun. Edible? Hell yeah. Tasty? Well.. What’s it made of? Don’t ever wanna know. As we get to the place, we pass by a wide blue river flowing next to the feet of beautiful Swiss mountains, we go up the mountain and we get to the festival, there was an amazing view, great burritos and extra friendly people. The festival was not only punk, more of a city music gathering, so we had 5 y.o girls dancing to our soundcheck. That’s how you know you’re doing something right! The show was great, a lot of punks considering this small town. Later on we got to the hostel we had booked for us, played badminton outside and enjoyed the free wi-fi that was only available at reception in a very specific spot- right next to the sour face lady asking us when are we leaving, so she could clean already. We had fun.



Day 3- Milan, Italy- Everybody’s Luca.

The long way to Milan started with a 17 km tunnel that took us from the nice weather in Switzerland to the hot humid air in Milan. We arrived a bit earlier to this empty boring parking spot in front of the venue, so we went to the park and watched an old Italian couples gathering at the benches near a small sprinkler, used as a shower, on the ground. The old lady was talking to her friend in Italian, we couldn’t understand shit though we were fascinated by the fact she was getting her dog and turtle (No, this is not made up), a shower. She picked up the turtle- “Genivra” was it’s name which she used repeatedly, kissed it on the mouth and threw it back in the water. After a while she took off her shoes and dipped her own legs in the water too. I realised hers weren’t waterproof like mine. But it served her right, for I always have told, almost nagged, her to visit site that reviewed good shoes, but she has turned a deaf ear to each of those times. Anyway, we headed to the venue, where we met up with the promoter and his friends, for some reason every 2 out of 3 was called Luca, making it easy on us to remember! We had the best time playing with The Decline that night. We slept in the kitchen and bedroom of the sweetest guy, who hosted us in his small apartment. Of course we brought our fan from the van, it’s a must now. Europeans – get your shit together, its hot in the summer!


Day 4- Marseille, France- Fastest load-out in the history of load-outs.

We get to the venue and of course there’s no parking and it’s a one way street with one lane. We were turning again and again looking for a parking spot until we figured we can call every person in the venue to help us load out and get it over with. Zed, our driver, turned around once again as we ambushed the van and around 60 seconds later, the van was empty. Success! The show was amazing and the venue apparently had over 30 kids coming there for the first time. We were more than happy to hear that. We stayed at this great place with beautiful ladies who were living there, drank some beers and talked about the high prices for renting apartments nowadays in the big cities around the world. Nir and Gutzy were both falling for the same Spanish girl that was in the house, but they gave up and crashed like the rest of us nerds.

Day 5- Dijon, France- “get the ball out, were gonna be here for a while”

Well, this day is an unforgettable one. There was a truck that caught fire so they closed the whole road till they cleared the fire out. We were stuck in traffic for an hour, not moving one inch. We turned off the engine and everyone got out of the car to hang out on the road. We played ball, pet the neighbors’ dog and took a piss in the trees off the road. Then, when we finally get to the place, we stopped by a bagel restaurant that made us a special Not On Tour bagels for the show! They were selling it in the restaurant around the corner from the venue. We also had a short acoustic show at the bagel shop and went straight from there to the venue. It was a small sweaty basement with a low stage, and we were standing eye to eye with the most excited crowd ever. Non-stop jumping, carrying us around and taking good care of each other. They even sang us a love song (“Hava N’agila”). Crazy people, we had the greatest time!



Day 6- Strasbourg, France- “You say, Strasbourg. Not Strasbourg”

We were waiting for this show, to meet up with our good friends from Kids Insane. We mostly talk shit in Hebrew and make stupid jokes no one would understand, ‘cause nobody knows our funny sounding language. It was great, they had some “name your price” vegan muffins and it was a small rehearsal room but they put a camera in the room, so anyone who didn’t get to get in could watch the show from outside. During the show we mentioned that Strasbourg sounds like it’s a city in Germany, as a joke and apparently this is not something you say to people in Strasbourg. Even though they got the joke, they told us how to pronounce the name correctly. So now we know. “Vive Le France!”. The couple who hosted us in their house were so nice, they offered us to take a walk in the city ‘cause its really beautiful out there, but we had an hour or two left till we got in the van again, so we decided to stay in bed with the wi-fi and charge our phone batteries. Yeah, this is how we party.


Day 7- Wiesbaden, Germany- Very long night.

So this day started great. We had a good show at this amazing place, with a vegan BBQ outside. We had got interviewed and met up with some old friends from Germany. As we were asking our promoter about our sleeping arrangements, we found out that he had thought that we brought our own mattresses. Well, of course we didn’t. Anyway! He helped us with what he could and we started driving and looking for a hotel for the night. We drove around for a couple hours half asleep. Google results showed a youth hostel and “Hotel Ass”. We immediately called Hotel Ass, even if it’s a piece of shit it’s the best name ever for a hotel. But they had no vacancy, so we booked the other place, which was a piece of shit too yet no exciting title. The rooms were O.K but one of the toilets were leaking on to the carpet, we had to put the linen ourselves and the night shift guy, who had no idea, said: “I have no idea, you can move if you want”. But we were already in bed and had 4 hours to sleep so we gave up and asked for a discount in the morning. The manager called the police on us and said she’s afraid for her life. Let me explain, Valer, who was definitely shorter than her, was standing there, with his girlfriend asking for a discount, and mentioned that he will not move until she does something. So- she called the police. After we realized there’s nothing to do, she asked us very nicely: “Should we wait for the police then?” and Sima answered: “I think were gonna go eat breakfast and then get the fuck outta here, so no cops today, thanks!” After breakfast we noticed that they employ mentally challenged young people. It didn’t help with feeling any better plus it was already past our checkout time, so we took our shit and left this place.


Day 8- Rotterdam, The Netherlands- Beer’s on everyone.

We met up again with the guys from TBR and had the best show we had in The Netherlands so far (we had only one more so that’s easy). We were treated so nice it was unreal. We had dessert and a shower in the venue. This is not something were used to, but we can, quickly! The crowd was great, showed up early for our show and people apparently saw us before at the Groezrock fest earlier this year. We had the best time and it was definitely a drinking night, we each got at least 3 beers bought for us from people we met that night. We were supposed to go out and drink some more but we were so tired and went to right back sleep at this beautiful apartment of the cutest couple. They even made us pancakes for breakfast. And we didn’t even have to sleep with them!



Day 9- Duffel, Belgium- Great show, amazing dinner.

We got to the area earlier and had the best dinner we had in a while at our friend’s house nearby. They cooked for us a four-course meal in their amazing garden. This was a perfect start for that day considering the fact we just ate a gas station sandwich in the van.

We got there, and it’s a pretty small festival but very comfortable for the crowd to run from one stage to another. We saw many familiar faces that day and had the greatest show. There’s always this one guy who won’t stop coming on stage and asking for the crowd to catch him, so we had “the guy in the green t-shirt”. Great attitude, we get it, just jump already!




Day 10- Nuremberg, Germany- Most surprising night. For sure.

We were late to this show. Hate being late! But the crowd was just amazing, we were surprised by the great turn out for a Sunday night and the fact most of them knew the lyrics by heart! Definitely going back there. Anytime.

Day 11- Vienna, Austria- A Straight edge show with beers and weed.

It was pretty good, we just like to complain. What can you expect from us jews?…Anyway, we played with a Brazilian straight edge band that played a really short set and then we went straight to our friend’s house in the city. Everything was pretty amazing except for the one room that smelled like an ashtray, which we avoided. We found some Tahini in her house that made us a little homesick, so we ate the whole fucking thing with some amazing Turkish bread she bought for us and went to sleep with her pretty Bulgarian street cat. (Apparently street cats in Bulgaria are sent to Austria. not that interesting but felt the need to explain).


Day 12- Tolmin, Slovenia- Punk Rock Holiday- Where the fuck is this place?!

So, this day started really nice, we got up early and got on the road to the festival. Something had to go wrong on the last show of the tour. Our van got heated on the hill, had to pick another road and got on the wrong roads like 5 times, which made the way there to be 9 hours instead of 5, which also made us 10 minutes late for our set instead of 3 hours earlier! Fuck that shit though; this was the best show ever. The crowd was waiting there and we had to play a shorter set, but it was the best 20 minutes ever, it was packed and people were so into it. Afterwards we were interviewed for Bird Attack Radio, which was really fun too and they had our whole set on video and streaming live from the festival. But the most surprising part of the night was the acoustic set we did at 3:45am right after Joe Mcmahon (Smoke Or Fire), which was awesome. Our set was short as this show was announced earlier that same day, so we had no time to practice really, but the crowd was crazy, crowd surfing and singing along to every song we played, definitely the best way to end our tour, cant wait for the next one!


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