Track by Track: Bruise – ‘Grief Ritual’

Trudging through the core of the world with slamming beatdowns and pummeling instrumentals is the new album by Bruise, Grief Ritual. Full of adrenaline and aggression, the 22 minute release punches through listeners eardrums with unnerved catharsis. Opening track “All Eyes” flies through different progressions with bombastic structures, churning through the disparities of life with discordant progressions.

The gnashing guitars don’t stop there, constantly pervading through the midwest with their thunderous sound. Each track across Grief Ritual has its own devastating roar. “Penalty Awaits” begins with dissonant guitar leads before the swarming guitars rip through the mix. The outro is an earthquake, shaking through the bones of each and every person awaiting to be moved. This is a record that needs to be heard at full volume, constantly finding new ways to bring the raucous straight to the listener’s ear.  New Noise Magazine is pleased to be bringing forth the exclusive in-depth look of Grief Ritual by Bruise with this track by track.

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All eyes was the second song we wrote for the record and it just happened to be an ideal opener. It has a pretty blunt theme, speaking out about my anger toward whatever higher power there is out there.


Resonate is one of my favorites on the record. I think this track has a great mix of metal and just straight up raw heaviness. This song talks about all the mixed emotions battling each other inside my head on a day to day basis. “A fear of life met by a fear of living”.


The Burn of Sin was the first track that was written for the record, and it was actually written long before the record cycle even started. This song speaks a lot about my struggle with anger and aggression and the remorse that I feel when I lose control of it.


Second Life is one of two tracks on this record that we put out on a promo last year. This song and the next definitely have a different feel from a lot of the other tracks, however I think they are a great transition to the end of the record and that’s why they’re perfectly placed together in the middle.


Penalty Awaits is the second track that was on the 2017 promo. This song was actually written long before that even. The themes of this song have more of an aggressive vibe toward an outside party, much less of a personal issue like the rest of the songs.


Sweet Release is another favorite of the bands. This song talks about the struggle of letting your words out and not keeping your issues bottled up inside you. It’s something that is easier said than done, of course, but it’s necessary in certain times, even when you don’t feel it is.


Sands of Time is my top track on the record. I wrote this song when I was stuck in a place I didn’t want to be and I just kind of laid it all out on the line. This song plays out a scenario of following through with suicide, where in the end I “seal the deal”.


Blessing or a Curse stands out on this record with a much heavier and straight forward feel compared to other tracks. This, I believe, was the last song we wrote for this record, and it worked as a perfect closer for a record with very diverse sounds.


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