Track By Track: Corey Pavlosky – ‘Atlas’

Atlas by Corey Pavlosky is a detailed, textured and expansive EP. The songs have a plethora of heavy dynamics, really proving the artist’s songwriting ability. “Lines” opens the EP with a plethora of guitars, synths and vocals fighting for the main space in the mix, complimenting each other with an overall well established infectious grace. The drums are patient with their patterns, keeping the song in a tight frame. “California” is a shimmering song with verses that bounce to the guitar’s riffs, bringing a pop sensible attitude right into the bursting chorus.

Atlas is a rather simple EP, the songs themselves are extremely thought out, making use of backing vocals and pushing every instrument to their fullest potential. “Weathered” is more spacey in comparison to other songs, really focusing on the layers floating in the background to the main instruments. The chorus is swarming with different additions bringing a lot of attention to the song’s ambient nature. “Better Days” is an atmospheric tune leaves Pavlosky in the forefront for the first half of the song, exploding with a rush of instruments as the back half comes along.

Atlas is an inspired release written from the eyes of a talented musician. Each song has a energy level different to the last, but has a ton of things to keep an ear out for on a repeated listen. Corey Pavlosky was kind enough to give a small in depth look to his EP, Atlas.

Lines –
The first track off of the EP, “Lines” was written last minute before a session and wasn’t initially on the track listing.

Atlas –
The very first song written for the record. The majority of the lyrics for the song “Altas” were written in one take.

California –
The chorus for the 3rd track “California” was written on a cross country road trip to, you guessed it, California. The rest of the song came together over the course of a couple weeks after.

Weathered –
“Weathered” started out as completely different song. Different key, lyrics, tempo, etc. however as the song began to take shape in the studio a series of small adjustments eventually changed the song entirely. The only similarity between the original version and the version to hear is a small piano melody in the background pre-chorus.

Firestarter –
The last song finished for the EP, “Firestarter” is a song outlining the experience I had while leaving an organization I grew up in.

Better days –
The track “Better Days” is the song that was written for my late grandmothers memorial service. Beginning the writing process while she was passing away the chorus “all this pain and sorrow will be gone tomorrow. You’re on to better days” was born.

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