Track By Track: Earl Grey – Passing Time

“When it comes to the alternative scene in Germany, there’s pretty much just Hardcore,” states Lukas Andrzejewski, bassist with German melodic hardcore/ pop punk crossover quintet, Earl Grey; “There are some people that also dig Pop Punk, but it’s nothing compared to the Hardcore movement over here. But, I think we fit in the scene well because both types of people dig us; at every show we play there are both Hardcore and Pop Punk kids. Ultimately, no matter if there’s 10 or 1000 people, we always give everything and try to express our music with our live performance, and I think that this honesty is what people connect with.” Here they discuss what went into their forthcoming EP, alongside what you can expect, track by track…

Earl Grey - Passing Time EP

Track By Track

1. “Passing Time”

Passsing Time is the title track of our upcoming EP. Moritz wrote the instrumentals a couple months back and we were really into it within the first seconds. It’s a really flowy song and we started working on it until we felt like we got the most of it. The lyrics pretty much describe how we feel compared to other people our age who are so far ahead of us and successful and we’re just passing time.

2. “Headstrong”

This song is a short 1:30 banger. It’s one of the songs that hits you hard and fast. We did the instrumentals just within a few days before we got to the lyrics, which are about having your own strong will and not willing to do what other people expect you to do. That’s pretty much the spirit of the EP, dealing with expectations and standards.

3. “Backstabber”

This song is one of those you write to let go of your rage and anger about certain people. It’s about being betrayed by friends which feels like being stabbed in the back. When we perform it live, we try to put as much energy into our performance as we can. This song is a match thrown into a puddle of fuel, all the anger in the song makes us play it with even more energy than our other songs.

4. “Haven”

We wanted Haven to be our lead single of our EP in the first place, but decided to do Passing Time instead because it’s faster and a more energetic track in general. Haven is the perfect song for the ending of the EP. The song is about doing more for others than for yourself. Sometimes you feel that you can’t go on anymore and start feeling weak. We’re all just looking for a place to rest our bones and that’s why we decided to call it Haven.

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