Track By Track: Emuness – Equilibrium

Formed by members of I Am The Witness, Florida heavy-hitters Emuness balance sumptuous breakdowns and high-octane instrumentals on their debut record, Equilibrium. The band has provided us with a track by track breakdown of the album (read below).


What Is Real:

Aside from being the heaviest song on the album, these are also some of the darker lyrics we wrote. We wanted to write about problems people face day to day. Chemical imbalances are a real thing people face every day, schizophrenia being one of them. We wrote “What is Real” to convey the dark side of a mind affected by this imbalance.


This song discusses how no-one cares that we’re destroying our planet knowing that there’s an inevitable end to it.

The Fall:

This song is about how we sometimes isolate ourselves from everything while feeling like we’ve lost control of our own sense of self. Just a reminder that every tough ascent has an easier descent.


We feel this song gives our views on the people who wake up every day and give all they’ve got working for someone else’s monetary gain while we barely get by.


This song was written to tell a story about having a dream about dreaming of being stranded in space, trying to find a will to live/the meaning to life. A dream within a dream situation.

Diamond In The Rough:

This song is about how we view homelessness and how we, as a society, could help them but choose not to.

Silver Tongue//Savior:

“Silver Tongue//Savior” is more so a “good vs evil” song. “Silver Tongue” being the “evil” type of person. One that is able to convince others to do or believe what they want them to do or believe. And then “Savior” being the “good” type of person. One who comes along in your life that opens your eyes to be able to see and feel what it’s like to not be treated so poorly.

Chapter VIII:

As humans, we all have problems whether it’s a relationship, drug issues, family issues, mental illnesses, and more that we like to bottle up without discussing and fixing the problem. “Chapter VIII” reflects that even though we face these issues alone internally there’s always someone to talk to or some platform that can help guide you through whatever it is you’re facing and come out on top instead of being beaten down by your own thoughts.


“Perception” was written to express our views on how society severely disconnects from personal interactions, relationships, and how we hide behind all sorts of technology to create a “safe space” when in reality, we’re just trapped inside these wires.


After we decided to name the album Equilibrium we wanted to make it easy on the eyes yet simplistic so we found the symbol for Equilibrium. So the front cover is the Equilibrium symbol while all the other art is compiled of symbols that relate to the meanings of each song.

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