Track By Track: Greg Rekus – ‘Sibling Cities’

Baring an acoustic guitar and a vivid narration style, Greg Rekus brings an engaging performance to listeners everywhere. The punk aesthetic breathes through the folk lensed music endeavor, exasperatingly beautiful with a great grit to each track. Last year Rekus released the record Sibling Cities, and New Noise Magazine was able to catch up with the singer to bring forth an in depth look into the record. Take a listen and a read below!

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NEVER SATISFIED: “Never Satisfied was actually the last song written for the record only a week before the tracking.  the theme of this song is inner struggles. How we always need more and it’s never enough. Weather it’s material possessions, person status, your body. Everything we have never seems good enough. To better yourself and your quality of life is something everyone should do however know when to stop is when you’ve truly grown.”

CONTEMPORARY ANARCHIST: “Contemporary Anarchist is about oppression and the labels imposed by the few on the many. How people put their lives into activism to try to protest against unfair laws, corruption and injustice. These people in my eyes are heroes however are often portrayed in the news as socialist, communists and terrorists.

Spoiled rich kids that have nothing to do and don’t know how the world works. The world has twisted itself in a way that it’s very hard to ever have the opportunity to protest unless you are in this position. A single mother of 2 worked 2 jobs to try to support the family doesn’t have time to sleep never mind go down the wall street and try to protest. In a world that is so divided it’s time to start supporting each other and representing each other’s liberties.”

…BUT SOME ANIMALS ARE MORE EQUAL THAN OTHERS: “The song is about the feeling of inequality in the world and our thoughts about each other’s entitlements. I don’t think in history have we ever had such a gap between the rich and the poor. The title comes from the Animal Farm by George Orwell. The original quote is: “All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others”. The feeling of entitlement is a dangerous concept. There is a very thin line i feel sometimes between “needs” and “wants” it only takes a day for a luxury to become a necessity. I believe to better yourself is a wonderful way to live your life and move forward but not if it’s at the costs of other people’s sufferings and exploitation.”

THE ESTABLISHMENT’S CANDIDATE: “The Establishment’s Candidate is a reference to Hilary Clinton. The representative of the rich whose job is to toss the poor a scrap now and then and make us feel represented in laws and decisions. Meanwhile laws and regulations that protect the environment, workers, and our freedoms have been eroded more and more over the last 50 years. I’m not saying there hasn’t been any progression because human right for minorities has seen leaps and bounds since the 70s and earlier.

However, we are working more hours for less wades and the trend will continue. System reform and redistribution of the wealth of the world is a lot better of a solution then another politician waiting for their turn to change the curtains of the oval office.”

CREEDEN CHORDS: “Creeden chords is a shout out to all my friends who have helped me through the past few years. After a devastating break up, I found myself questions life and a reason for existence. Everything seems so distant and so small, but my friends inspired me to start again and pull myself back together. Try to be the best person I can be and to feel so lucky to have all I have.”

THE TOP OF THE MOUNTAIN IS JUST THE BOTTOM OF THE SKY: “The Top of the Mountain is just the Bottom of the Sky Means no matter how many milestones you pass and achievements you gain there is still more then you could ever imagine in front of you. Sometimes, you are working so hard to try to get somewhere in life that you forget how far you have actually gotten and you need to take some time so site back and appreciate all you have.”

STICK AROUND: “Stick Around was very much about my breakup and feeling alone and isolated. Like you have swam so far past the break that no one will ever follow you out that far and there is no way to ever swim back. In many ways life is a one-way street and I’ve had to learn no never regret my decisions but to try to understand them and accept them.”

PERSON OVERBOARD: “Person overboard is about overworking yourself and losing a grip on reality. About getting older and trying to come to terms you can’t always be the person you were 20 years ago. Sometimes it feels like I’ve lost control of my life and there are no choices. It’s just a linear path and I’m either going forwards, backwards, or sometimes both.”

LEFT RIGHT: “Left Right is about running away from your problems. Choosing not to deal with anytime coming towards you or cleaning up the mess you made and going forward. Sometimes it’s hard to see the value in the things and friends we have and always seems like the grass is greener on the other side. So much easier to leave it all behind and start again somewhere fresh.”

I THINK IT MOVES FASTER: “I think it moves faster is about being content with what you have. Knowing you can work harder to try to get more but not feeling it’s worth it and realizing everything you need is right in front of you and the people that you really care about are already the people in your life. The last verse was written by Tab and she was frustrated with a relationship.”

PROTEST ROMANCE: “This song is very much fiction about a couple that meet at the wall street protests and fall in love. In a sea of shield and boots they find each other and never wanna be alone again.”

SUPER SPIKE: “Super Spike is about all the hollow people that live life consuming, fucking, taking drugs, and never really trying to experience live. Everything was just handed to them and they have no real appreciation for anything. Life is just one high to the next, but you never really know the top unless you have been to the bottom.”

SIBLING CITIES: “Sibling Cities is a break up song. No matter how much you hate the person or how angry you are if they show up on the door step with tears in their eyes all is forgiven. I tried so hard to put up walls and cast a heart of stone, but the heart rarely forgets.”

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