Track By Track: H.A.R.D – ‘Have A Rad Day’ EP

Sliding into the the picture with a flashy dance, H.A.R.D. play a style of rock n’ roll that has no limit, little to no care and little worries except writing a grooving song. Well, today they have five of those on their Have A Rad Day EP. There’s a fiery energy in their guitar work, rolling through riffs and chords with a mighty whip. This EP is an enticing listen for anyone and anywhere. Need to crack open a fews beers and kick back with some friends? Blast “Hometown Hero.” Need an effective way to wake up this Friday morning, start right away with “Bellyacher.” With an infectious vigor, Have A Rad Day might be the best thing you will do today.

New Noise Magazine is pleased to be bringing forth this in depth look at Have A Rad Day by H.A.R.D.

1. “Bellyacher” feat Cyle Barnes Of The Weeks

This song is about a hypothetical situation of Tom Delonge from Blink 182 and our band getting abducted by aliens and Tom saving us. It’s a great heavy opening track. I’m super into ancient aliens and everything Tom Delonge is doing so I hope he digs the tune, haha. The song was originally about how much I was pissed off at an old band member, but I realized how pissy and moany is sounded so I made it about something wayyy more rad.

2. On a String

This song started out being about race and I thought I was going to make some profound observation that had never been talked about before but I realized I know about as much about race problems as I do my wife’s bad cramps during her period. So the song ended up being about me trying to understand how my wife’s feeling when she’s hurting and trying to make it better but ultimately being clueless.

3. Hometown hero

This song is about traveling back to your tiny hometown from living in the city and the old locals trying to pick fights with you. (This happens a lot in Mississippi). The first verse points out how ridiculous they are, but the second verse points out how I think I’m kinda better than them and city people aren’t perfect either.

4. “Sports Sinner” feat Jordan smith of Diarrhea planet

This song is about a backyard wrestler who keeps following his dreams and getting nowhere but he can’t stop because it’s all he loves. It’s an extended metaphor for me and everyone struggling in the music business and getting knocked on our asses just when it looks like things are gonna work out.

5. Ya Blew It

We originally thought this was just filler but then we really started liking the song. I kinda loosely wrote it about the Stranger Things kids Eleven and Finn not seeing each other for awhile and then growing up and running back into each other at a high school party and Finn getting her number.

Produced and co written by Jordan smith of Diarrhea planet
Mixed and master by Kevin Ratterman (My Morning Jacket, White Reaper, Flaming Lips)


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