Track By Track: Midnight Mob – ‘Honest, Brutal, Glorious’

Honest, Brutal, Glorious is a musical collection of our experiences over the last 2.5 years being broken apart and being built back up stronger than ever. We had to ditch every lie and insecurity we felt about ourselves, deal with some harsh reality and dig ourselves out of hell in a new and glorious way. Each song is an essential step we took on this journey into being the people we are today…WARRIORS!

Midnight Mob - Honest Brutal Glorious cover

1. Song For The Damned

Song for the damned is about that hopeless feeling you get when your stuck between a rock and a hard place. It seemed like everyone I knew and loved had an excuse or was seemingly trapped in their current crappy situation and unable to break free. I got sober and started a relationship with God but i felt so heart broken and alone. How could I start telling people their lives would get better when I barely believed that for myself?

2. Run For Your Life

Run For your life is about how we try to fill the places in our lives where were insecure or hurting with a false identity. Its so easy for anyone to be shaped into what they see on TV, read in magazines, books,  movies, drugs, alcohol, sex that we kind know who we are once it all gets stripped away.

3. Ghosts

Ghosts was a combination of the conversations I had to have with my friends, band, family, love interest about getting sober, following God, and trying to get rid of all the ghosts of my past I had been hanging onto. The song is about trying to express to these people whats going on and trying to even convince your own brain that your actually going for it.

4. Black Mamba

Black Mamba is about overcoming something seemingly impossible. When I heard the instrumentals for it i was immediately imagining Colossal Mount Everest. Enormous, beautiful, and treacherous. In order to tackle something like that you have to be a little insane and have a fire in you that just pushes you forward no matter what is going on around you. We were honored to have Nick Fargo, the lead singer of the band “Mother” sing on the track. He had been a big support and gave  while I had my vocal injury. I thought his larger than life voice and presence would work perfectly with the song. Plus a big part of what kept Midnight Mob together was all the incredible people we’ve met that helped to encourage and inspire up on our trek up the mountain.

5. Swing On

Swing On is about putting down all your excuses, getting in the ring and truly starting to fight for what you want and the person you were always meant to be.

6. Stay

Stay is about having to leave the person you love because you know your both on different paths. Nothing is more painful than having all those feelings still present and putting on a poker face while you watch your love move on because you were trying to do the right thing.

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