Track By Track – ReVerbed – Another Year, Still Here EP

“When we were half way through recording this EP, we came so close to packing it all in,” recalls Zoë Waugh, guitarist and covocalist of Doncaster born, Brighton based pop rock quartet, ReVerbed; “Ultimately, we couldn’t bring ourselves to give up on six years of hard work. So, we are still here, still strong and still loving what we do.” ReVerbed’s latest release, the appropriately titled Another Year, Still Here, sees the self-proclaimed ‘road dogs’ going back to their roots, drawing on the likes of Jimmy Eat World and Taking Back Sunday for inspiration. Here the band describe what to expect from the release, track by track…

ReVerbed - Another Year Still Here EP


“Another Year, Still Here” is the result of what was initially a 10 track album. In the summer of 2014 we locked ourselves away and wrote 10 tracks. However after demoing and then recording all of these tracks in our home studio we came to the decision that there were 4 standout tracks that we all preferred and would class as the ‘singles’. We decided to go with a 4track EP that we felt was killer and we all believed in rather than a half-baked 10 track album.

Unfortunately life got in way, growing up sucks we all finished uni moved house a bunch of times and basically the EP took us longer than we’d have liked. After recording the EP ourselves in our spare room we then sought professional help to get the finishing touches. We took a road trip to Cardiff and rerecorded the drums with Romesh Dodangoda who has worked with Funeral For A Friend, Motörhead, Kids In Glass Houses and Bring Me The Horizon.We then took the tracks to Gez Walton (Ghost of a Thousand, Bury Tomorrow, Skindred) to mix. Working with both Romesh and Gez is something we all feel has benefited our record, bringing us out of our DIY shell.

Track 1 – Breathe in/Breathe Out:

This track was always visioned as being the opening track of the record to us. Im a huge fan off the foo’s and LTA and I think you’ll hear it in this track.

The songs working title was initially ‘Sorry Mum’ and was focused more on the highs and lows of our career as a band. At the time a handful of bands in our local scene exploded and signed deals. I can’t lie, initially I was envious of these guys as we’d all been playing shows together just a few months before, however it soon passed and it hit me how happy I was for them and how it just proves that it can be done, “don’t get me wrong I’m not bitter, I’m happy for the ones who’ve made it there”. Breath in/Breath out is about how you have to enjoy life and not waste time on comparing your situation to others.

Track 2 – Bury Me:

Bury Me came together in a rehearsal room half way through a tour on a serious hangover…. Part of me was questioning why the hell we’d drank that much, the other part questioning why the hell we were in a dank, dirty rehearsal room, sleeping on people’s floors and I’d lived off 60p for the last 3 days. The awesome thing is whenever each of us have downs like this we’re all there for one another. “Cut me open, tear me apart, can’t rip the hart from this machine” is a nod towards this and our previous record. We’ve always said the 4 of us make ‘this machine’.

Track 3 – Keep Me In Your Eyes:

Keep Me In Your Eyes was written before our last record, however we always felt we could never get it quite right. After going back to the drawing board we feel we’ve finally got it there. The lyrics are probably the darkest subject matter on the album, focused on themes of suffering from depression and suicide. “I’m these walls I am safe from my mind I can’t escape”.

Track 4 Promises:

This track was one of those mythical tracks that people talk about, the ones that are written on an acoustic guitar in 5 minutes and that’s basically the track. I think this song is fairly self explanatory, boy meets girl, girl meets new boy, boy pretends he’s ok but secretly cries forever in his room and writes 2 albums. Basically I was listening to the story so far a lot.

We couldn’t be happier with how this EP has turned out. Every track means something to us and we can’t wait to play them live on our October tour.

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