Track By Track: The Shapers – ‘Reckless Youth’

We are pleased to be bringing forth an exclusive track by track of Reckless Youth by pop punk band, The Shapers. This record bounces and grooves with considerable melody, take a listen while you read along below! Purchase Reckless Youth here

The Shapers delectably embrace the garage rock vibes of The Hives and Nirvana, merged with the early urgent delivery of Green Day and SUM 41. Born in 2009, this power trio have certainly undertaken the punk rock DIY ethos.

Can’t Forget”: This song is dedicated to my cousin who was killed in a car crash by a junkie. This happened 10 years ago but I still feel like it was yesterday, as we were very very close. His absence is still heavy and I will never forget the good times we had together, so the purpose of this song was to put my feelings into music.

Secrets”: This track is more mysterious, as per its title. Everyone lives with their own secrets, they are part of our past and part of all of us. But we are all humans after all so we can still all live together, regardless of our past.

Another Chance”: The song is about not wasting your time waiting for another chance when you just missed an opportunity. Instead of wasting time hoping for another chance to happen, you should just have fun, create your own opportunities!

Lonely Moments”: This song is a break in the EP. It is purely instrumental, just one acoustic guitar, to chill a bit after the energy of the previous tracks. It is also the introduction of the next track.

No regrets”: Here we keep going with acoustic, but this time with vocals and more dynamics. Life is too short to waste time with regrets, so let’s enjoy it to the max before it’s too late.

Youth Disaster”: This track is dedicated to people who self-harm, because we notice that many friends around us do it, but it is still a bit taboo. Most of time, they just need people to talk. With this song we try to give them hope and encourage them to hold on to their dreams, because you can always make them real.

 photo cred: Anthony Shaw

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