Track By Track: Acadia – All Heart EP

All Heart is a concept album loosely based on two people and their life together. I based the characters on my grandparents Raymond and Doris Robinson. Some of the stories I created are true and based on my grandparents life, and some are not about them and are just focused on the concept we discussed creating. We wanted to create something that focused on the full circle of life for two people. How hard it is and the work it takes to make every aspect of two people’s lives work together.

Acadia - All Heart EP

The first track “Raymond Arthur” is from Doris’s perspective and is based on a story around how my grandparents met. This one is a true story. My grandfather loved telling this story and he told it all the time. He met my grandmother at a basketball game. She was there with another guy. He sat down in between her and the guy she was with and said … “you are the girl I’m going to marry”. Needless to say, the guy she was with didn’t like that too much. She told him to leave, so he did. He found out from a mutual friend that she loved music and singing. A few days later, he went to her house knocked on the door, and asked if he could come in. At first my grandmother said no. My grandfather then told her, he could play the piano and he knew she loved to sing. She let him in… My grandfather sat at the piano and played with one finger “when the saints go marching in.” The rest, as they say… is history.

“Callisto” is from Raymond’s perspective and it is a song that reflects true love in every sense of how we as a band feel about it, and the way it was demonstrated to me by my grandparents their entire lives. Lasting, lifelong love is hard work, sacrifice, and compromise. We all have our faults, it is being able to deal with the shitty parts of someone as well as the good that makes real love work.

“All Heart, No Feeling” is from Doris’s perspective and is based around the concept of indifference. So many relationships fall into this category. People that either have given up on their love, or never really loved the person they were with to begin with… They just go through the motions because they are terrified of being alone, or scared of the unknown.

“Dryspell” is from Raymond’s perspective and it is that moment when you realize if you don’t fix yourself and the negative aspects of your relationship you are going to lose the person you love and the life you built together. Musically and lyrically, this song builds the entire time. We did this purposely as we wanted you to truly feel the emotion building inside Raymond during this crucial time In his life. “I am so sorry for the man that I’ve become , I know it’s not too late to fix if we push this hard enough.”

“Palisades” is from Doris’s perspective. This was hands down the hardest song I have ever had to write lyrically. I am a father and my biggest fear is losing my child before I die. Confronting your fears can be reassuring and cathartic in a lot of ways and that’s what this song focuses on.  After Raymond realizes his failures and wants to fix them they lose their son. It’s the worst thing any parent could go through and it focused on Doris’s perspective and how she doesn’t know how to move forward with this tragedy. She can’t comprehend how to live or even look at Raymond.

“Doris Marie” brings this EP full circle and is from both characters perspective. How do you move on when so many bad things have happened? How do you push past that brink that holds you in place? This song focuses on that defining moment we all have or will have in our lives. We left this to the listeners imagination on how the story ends. Reality is in life when this defining moment happens some people push through and some don’t.

We wanted the listeners to decide for themselves whether these characters pushed thru or not.

“This can’t be the conclusion 
Lets be stubborn and fight thru the pain. 
We’ll hold each other, closer as we confront our survival
Like the first, like the second, and like third.”

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